Saturday, July 31, 2010


Well with only about 2 weeks to go to get organised for my SHABBY VINTAGE fair I am nearly organised...
But I do have to say my house is ONE BIG MESS!!~~~ FULL of "JUST STUFF" for ebay & this fair.

My "STUFF" has encroached upon so much of my home.

I am storing it all in my so called "backroom"..

But I have stuff in my EBAY next door...landing...

I havent even ironed the washed doona cover for our bed for about 3 weeks!!

& I havent even made our bed!!~~~~~

OH WELL!!! slowly getting there..?? kind of...??

wish me luck!~~~

xx andrea

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Well i am still very busy with dad back home with us & his knee still NOT BENDING!!!~~~~ properly...

so whilst in between looking after dad I am busy preparing for my SHABBY VINTAGE JUNK FAIR in a few weeks..

I am BUSY packing up my vintage/shabby goodies to take to the fair...

LOTS of SUITCASES...LOTS of linen/lace...LOTS of TINS..LOTS OF LOTS OF ...
LOTS of STUFF really..!!!~~~~~

so I have just shown another little preview of some goodies...

TAMARAH from shabbyvintagejunk blog..HAD A wonderful 3 x page article on her house/the fair in SATURDAYS HERALD SUN HOME supplement...
(tamarah is organising this wonderful fair)..

SO have a look at her blog...she shows the article...HER wonderful home.

THIS FAIR IS going to be AWESOME...

Alicia...TIME WORN STYLE part of our group...
as well as a lot of other wonderful ladies..

I AM doing my BEST to make my STALL LOOK totally awesome...
equal to any stall anywhere!!!

& with my experience from having a gift shop for 10 yrs & doing ALL of my displays in a BIG shop...(which was named as one of the TOP 100 gift shops in Melbourne in "THE AGE" some years ago)...~~~~~~~~~~

I AM confident my stall & all other 15 STALL holders will display their various wares in a WONDERFUL manner in an event NOT TO BE MISSED!~~~~~~~~

so if in MELBOURNE on the 13 th & 14 th August...CHECK us OUT ...AT..


xx andrea

Thursday, July 22, 2010


With gorgeous dad still with me and taking him to physio/doctors appointments...

I am still trying to organise my stall for my shabby VINTAGE junk stall in august..
as well as trying to get ebay organised..

anyway today's focus was on the FAIR....

I covered a painters canvas in pink fabric (with my awesome staple gun!!)..

then covered with lots of vintage lace/crochetc doilies I have dyed...a page from a vintage magazine.../vintage buttons...etc...etc..

I think this canvas looks pretty good to help display my vintage lace/linen/buttons etc..??
per first few lot of photos....

I have also cut up lots of old photos from my vintage magazine..~~~
arranged them on a canvas to glue in place & seal with a gloss...semi gloss.....

a kind of a decoupage thingey in black/white/sepia happening...(last couple of photos show what is my collage happening from images taken from the old woman & home magazine)....

I think i am quite chuffed with the result...??

so that has been my between taking dad to the physio (still not bending too much)..& cooking...& panicking about getting organised for my SVJF.....(shabby vintage junk fair)..~~~~~

xx andrea

Monday, July 19, 2010


I have been busy cooking cakes and dinner with my dad coming home from hospital this morning..

His knee is still not bending so i think this ONE is going to be a LONG process of physio...

anyway whilst talking with dad about when his next doctors appointment will be..I suddenly realised today is the 19th of july...& tomorrow (20th) my 24th wedding anniversary...!!

I had completely forgotten & I bet your bottom dollar hubby will totally forget..especially as he is working far far away in another state (and out of phone contact)..~~~~~~~so that is a good excuse for him!!

anyway...thought i would show you my GROOVY "NAIL JOB" on friday..

I normally have FRENCH nails..but decided to go with a GROOVY SILVER EDGED NAIL finish...
Matches my CHANEL SWALLOW tattoo!!!

HEY a girl has to have a little FUN in her 50's!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~

xx andrea

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Hello again lovely fellow bloggers...

with another weekend upon us...(how time is flying)...

Okay so what do I do on a Saturday??

covering LOTS of my ALPHABET LETTERS...strong/sturdy letters...

IN VINTAGE BEIGE/GREEN VINTAGE lace ...which I have on cards...(from England)..

embellished with some buttons etc...

This has taken me "hours"....a BIG job wrapping letters!! in vintage lace...

all curls up...doesnt wind properly.....UNWIND..RE WIND..
DONT DO IT@!!!!!!!!!!!!

So just kind of "daggin" around....(i love that word)...whilst hubby away..

dad due home from hospital on MONDAY...

YEAH!! still though not TOO much bend on his knee...BUT hopefully with LOTS of physio..he WILL get there..~~~~

Mr C busy with uni and part time work...
Mr B busy with uni and part time work...

MR sooty just dagging around "avec mois"..~~

so all in all...i am just doing bits & pieces....& still getting ready for my BIG shabby fair...
(Bought lots of GORGEOUS VINTAGE BROWN suitcases yesterday for this event)..

Sooo that is me in a nutshell.....

(waiting for MR B to come home & help me with my computer stuff!! & then I will have my NEW WEBSITE up & running with yummy vintage goodies...) shall let you know when that happens..

so...that is my saturday...!!

how boring!!!

xx andrea

Monday, July 12, 2010


Hi again lovely bloggers..

Well another week begins and I cannot quite believe how time is literally flying!!

I did end up going vintage/flea/junk market hunting yesterday (sunday)..
I was intending to go on saturday BUT i had a little "mishap"...kind of like a tummy upset...?? & I kind of threw up in hubby's car..OOOOHHHH!!!

Good lord...I NEVER get a tummy upset...& in our 24 yrs of marriage have NEVER thrown up in front of my hubby...& in his car...NEW CAR!!! OMG...OMG...
(I actually grabbed my coat and did my you know what into that...)..

I have NEVER BEEN so embarassed in MY 53 YEARS~~!!!!

(but hubby cooked me a yummy light soup which made me feel soo much better)..

Anyway!!!! enough of that...

...yesterday I found lots of lovely goodies..

Roses tins..

Roses placemats...

Divine vintage shabby pink quilted roses sewing basket..

Yummy shabby big pink/white wooden stool..

Groovy LIME GREEN BIG suitcase..(backdrop to the photos)...

vintage little childs chair recovered in Laura Ashley fabric...

& & MY BESTEST!!!! find of the day...JUST WHAT I WAS looking for...!!


a gorgeous vintage book.."heidi grows up"..JUST LOVED the cover!! & it does have some delightful coloured templates...

Soo after my HORRID saturday..I did have an AWESOME SUNDAY...!!

& back to tennis today...&I did hit really well!!

SO back to doing lots & lots of stuff to prepare for my fair...ebay ... cleaning...visiting dad in hospital......NOT enough hours in the day!!!~~~~~~

take care....xx andrea

Friday, July 9, 2010


Hello again ladies...

Well I have been busy as usual!!

I took dad back into hospital yesterday to have his knee manipulated after his "failed" new knee surgery...

The doctor was confident they could rectify it and get him back on track...

He sounded very good when he rang me this morning and they managed to get a 100 degree bend in his knee under surgery...(so i think that is good not being soo good at maths??)...

I kind of had to ask dad (who was an engineer..what is 100 degrees?? what do you mean dad??)...... loves maths...!!

ohh!!! I dont take after dad!!~~~~

so he did explain this angle...which does now sound pretty good to me!!

he shall be in hospital for about 10 days & then come back to our home for more recovery/physio etc..

soo i am just soo relieved it has gone well thus far..
I havent been able to sleep much worrying about my gorgeous dad...seeing him NOT looking his handsome self..


I have been busy today still getting ready for my JUNK fair..!!

today I was going through my VINTAGE LOT of linen/lace/doilies/aprons..etc..

I am going to display them on coathangers on a wonderful clothes hanger..display item I purchased from "target" yrs ago...has two is perfect to display goodies...!!

this is all being set up in the room downstairs as my little "preview"..pricing centre..!!& packing is a tad "AD HOC" but effective!!

I found a GORGEOUS FAUX SILK & PEARL curtain for just $5.00 at a local am thinking how to USE this (and a few more) in my display...

I LOVE IT..And i can peg lots of gorgeous little goodies onto this re a display having already practised...with some vintage music sheets & other goodies....and it looks fabulous..~~~

I have still SOOOO MUCH stuff to go through....but keeps me a busy little BEE!!~~~~~

I haven't mentioned gorgeous "SOOTY" for a while..(my 11 yo toy poodle..who still acts like a PUPPY but is nearly blind now..OOOOOOOHHHHH)!!

anyway...whilst i am up the BACK of my house ironing the linen...organising "stuff"...he is sitting on the top of the stairs...looking down at me...watching what i am doing (even thou nearly blind!!)...with his cute little rooster plastic toy next to him..


okay off to do a bit more work & with my hubby home this weekend... for ONCE!!! so YES!!!
he is going to drive me ALL OVER MELBOURNE in search of VINTAGE FINDS!!!

Have a lovely weekend ladies...

xx andrea