Monday, July 19, 2010


I have been busy cooking cakes and dinner with my dad coming home from hospital this morning..

His knee is still not bending so i think this ONE is going to be a LONG process of physio...

anyway whilst talking with dad about when his next doctors appointment will be..I suddenly realised today is the 19th of july...& tomorrow (20th) my 24th wedding anniversary...!!

I had completely forgotten & I bet your bottom dollar hubby will totally forget..especially as he is working far far away in another state (and out of phone contact)..~~~~~~~so that is a good excuse for him!!

anyway...thought i would show you my GROOVY "NAIL JOB" on friday..

I normally have FRENCH nails..but decided to go with a GROOVY SILVER EDGED NAIL finish...
Matches my CHANEL SWALLOW tattoo!!!

HEY a girl has to have a little FUN in her 50's!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~

xx andrea


mariondee-designs said...

Happy Anniversary Andrea, this year will be my 23rd. Your nails look super cute and sparkly! take care, Maryann

Anonymous said...

Hey Andrea,
I am loving those nails! Go girl!
Happy anniversary to both you & your hubby. I hope you both go & celebrate somewhere nice when he returns home.
Best wishes for your dad too, hear's hoping that after a few physio appointments he is back to normal.

Tamarah said...

Hello Andrea.... :o) !

Yayyyyyyy....HAPPY anniversary for tomorrow....WOW....24 years....Good on you BOTH....!!

LOVE your nails....I think I might lash out for the SVJ-X....!!

I'm sorry to hear your GORGEOUS Dad's surgery doesn't seem to have been the 'fix' everyone was hoping for....Never mind....He's STRONG with & STEELY willed so KNOW he'll put in the time to make the physio successful....!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)

Alison said...

Hi Andrea, love the nails and the tattoo.
Oh your poor sweet dad, hope the physio work eventually gets him mobile again

Alicia ~ time worn style said...

LOVE it! That tatoo is too too cool! Hey I am having a slight melt down as have just sold a few furniture pieces I was going to take to the Extravaganza yikes!! oh well, will have to rummage further through the house.

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Andrea,
Wow, I need my sunnies while looking at those sparking nails.
Huh, 50?
Well done, young Mum!

Kerryanne English said...

Happy anniversary to you and Hubs Andrea. You can always have a belated anniversary dinner or celebration when he returns from his work trip.

Your poor old dad.... he's not having much luck with this knee. At least he will be more comfortable at home with you.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

theoldboathouse said...

Your nails are jealous haha, congrats on the anniversary...your other half is a lucky chap, cheers Katherine

Bridgette Addison said...

Hey Andrea, Happy Anniversary!! Hope your marriage is always a celebration. Hope your dad is doing ok as well. xx