Saturday, February 28, 2009


Hi ladies...well i am breaking my promise about doing another blog...!! BUT am still home alone..until tomorrow....

AND look...honestly at nearly 52 yo...and with MY PAST LIFE!! so to speak...I really shouldnt get scared being home alone (especially as I have sooty literally attached to my hip 24/7!!)...

AND i was fine .... up until last night...about 8.00 pm the phone rang...answered it..and immediately it hung up....(rang the missed call star 10 hatch or whatever...but said "no answered call registered)...not too worried as it was still light ...

so when I went to go to bed...and leave lights on downstairs...NONE of them would work/turn on....MMM okay...looked at the switchboard but wouldnt know what was what!!

okay...went to bed...and at 11.15 pm the phone rang,...answered and no one there again!! OKAY..that was it..!!

I figured someone was out there to get me?? SOO I put the ABC radio on ALL NIGHt AND LISTENED TO THE CRICKET FROM STH AFRICA..luckily I love the cricket...!!!

and then of course when light appeared...morning dawned...I thought what an IDIOT i am!!

with light one SEEMS TO get all confidence Back...HOW funny is that??(as actually most crimes re home intrusion etc occur during DAYTIME)!!

SOO!! in darkness & home alone in a big house...I became a really scaredy cat!!

and I hate being like I normal?? do any of you other ladies get scared if left alone?

and of course the phone call was from my hubby in darwin...problem with his phone..and forgot the 90 minute time difference...

OH well...I actually went out shopping yesterday afternoon and bought two stretchy canvas...sewn images...from SPOTLIGHT of all places...(per photos)..

I have placed them near and above my piano in our lounge room....I really like them...add a bit of MORE red to my room...matching the rug...)..

this room is NOT SHABBY...with a house full of boys!!

as the adjacent room is all chocolate red...& black etc...soo i think they are a nice little addition!! and at a very CHEAP price..

whilst typing this...I often have a sliding window half open to let the air circulate...but today it is closed as the air conditioning is on...BUT alas..a dog has barked outside...and SOOTY has forgotten that this window is closed...

OOOOOHHH HE went to jump through it onto the balcony...head butted it with a great force...POOR darling....!! I have given him a good cuddle/massaged his head...
that is the photo of him just after his jumping attempt!! HE LOOKS A BIT sad!

he seems good..shall give him a smacko!!!

okay...NO more posts until next week!!! PROMISE...AS off to meet BOTH my BOYS coming home!! YES!! byron is BACK in OZ after 6 months away!!xxxx

xxxx andrea

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Hi again everyone..YOU ALL MUST be SOO sick of me with all these blogs lately...!!
BUT i kind of think..being home alone until the weekend...YOU are who I kind of talk to?? if you get my drift??...(of course i speak to the BOYS in japan...and hubby in Darwin...BUT I can talk to you ladies about "womens stuff")!!! although SOOTY also understands me when I speak to him about STUFF!! lol..(no I am NOT a lunatic)..!!

Anyway...I really JUST had to....not so much clean per se my "EBAY" room..BUT just get it re organised...

when selling...i photograph stuff..then just kind of PLONK it back in this room..and after a few days it JUST gets SOO UNRULY...I CANNOT STAND IT!!

I like to be organised...stuff/goods all over the place leaves me very grumpy!!
SOO today was the day I had to get this room back into shape..(as tomorrow is going to be another 40 odd degree day in melbourne..and after my tennis..I think i will be TOO tired to do anything...)...

SOO i have organised it...into the CATH KIDSTON section.....MOR stuff..the EASTER section...clothes ... crafts....prints...frames...PLUS I forgot I had ALL these bloomin ALPHABET letters tucked away in a suitcase...
MMM !! the dilemma as to how I should list them on ebay!!

there is a garbage bag outside this room full of junk...(AND I still have to organise the room next door full of some more ebay stuff...boxes to pack etc.)

and last but not least...those ladies who like a GOOD/EASY book to read...FACTUAL...when i went to japan in december..bought this book at the airport..and couldnt put it down...finished it on the trip over.
"BITING THE BIG APPLE" bella Vendramini..."a memoir of life, love (okay and sex) in New York an aussie was a really light hearted...yet interesting real life adventures of an aussie actress trying to make it in NY...

i highly recommend it..
have a lovely weekend...AND dont worry...,I wont be posting again until late next week!!
xx andrea

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Hello ladies...whilst sitting here doing some ebay stuff!! thought I may as well also do another blog. I am getting to be a bit of a BLOGAHOLIC!!

As promised, i took my gorgeous 86 yo mum out shopping yesterday to CHADSTONE shopping centre....for interstate or overseas ladies...THIS IS JUST a MASSIVE shopping place...& it keeps growing and growing...BUT I LOVE IT..

The LATEST NEW section has GORGEOUS shops..."PROVINCIAL HOME LIVING".(which i have mentioned before..friends of mine now have about 15 of these stores across victoria...and the FRENCH devotee would LOVE LOVE IT..i need to take some photos to show you all)...AND their prices are JUST soo reasonable...IT is a DIVINE SHOP!!

there is also a lovely "SIMON JOHNSON" store..."WHEEL & BARROW" ETC ETC..

Mum bought a lot of lovely things...clothes..some etc...
I boght just a few cute little bits & bobs from the Manchester/homewares store of Morgan & FINCH..I have to admit I DO LOVE THIS SHOP...their displays are well as their stock.

I went a BIT psycho re EASTER goodies.. AND SOME TIN BUTTERFLIES which can just stick onto things...not sure what shall do with them...but loved them...per photos..
i have also been playing around with the different sized eggs i bought...and shall probably list this lot on ebay....(per the photo with pink basket/raffia etc..)..

I also purchased the latest issue of ROMANTIC HOMES mag...which IS ONE OF THE BEST i have seen...GORGEOUS photos/ideas..

OHH!! and I also bought this LOVELY girlie necklace from Portmans...I was actually wearing my NEW grey dress (from TARGET)....the one photographed ... which i think is a great SHIFT dress...has little fully lined...lovely soft material...and WAS PRETTY can be worn in winter with a little top underneath...a scarf etc...I think I may buy another when you find something you love..looks 2 thereof!!...and i thought this lovely necklace complimented it very nicely??

OH well!! my next door neighbour has invited me in for dinner tonight (seeing as it is just little OLD ME & sooty home alone)...SO i bought her the MOST beautiful oil with the sticky things sticking scent thingey...

I bought one for myself last week from our local BLUE ILLUSIONS store...and the whole house smells divine..
It is a Christopher Vine ONE...and the box it came in is soo DIVINE just to keep as a display in itself...(per photos)...
anyway..better get back to trying to list on ebay...I have been a bit slack lately..
and as are ALL out of sequence re story line!!
and is going to be another 40 degree day on all ladies/men in country Victoria...please take care!! AGAIN!!

xx andrea

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Sometimes i kind of think i am a bit crazy!! i am home alone ALL WEEK! hubby away working and both sons skiing in Japan..

So with the house to myself...(oh of course sooty) i go out shopping?? NO..

do i have friends over??...NO..
do I go out for dinner??.. NO..

what do I do??...CLEAN!!???

I dont know what it is with me...BUT I LOVE cleaning!! (my own house..not others)..

BUT I do intend to take mum shopping at CHADSTONE on TUESDAY!! so I am NOT THAT pathetic!!
BUT when I say clean...I MEAN A REAL CLEAN!!...I have dusted ALL the & bottom..(been on the ladder to reach)..
Given Christians room a TOTAL clean...on my hands & knees vacuuming..(as i do seem to get a BIG lot of white tailed spiders in this house for some reason)..
The same with Byron's room for when he does come home from japan before heading back to uni in qld..
my back computer/study area...CLEANED..
hallway with heaps of frames...CLEANED...even the skirting boards didnt miss out..

And the laundry...which is really far tooo is a silly size...BUT I HAVE cleaned it beyond belief...the light fittings...on top of the dryer..

AND JUST LOOK at the mess behind the washing machine..?? HUH>..where does all this junk build up?
I actually shifted a little piece of furniture into the laundry...and put the "HOME" frame above it...AND I filled it with the CATH KIDSTON fabric i bought in Japan..
then put "SOOTYS" pictures on top...with some roses..etc...and the gorgeous smelling pot pourri my sons girlfriend bought me for Christmas..
sootys bowls of water & food are at the base..
AND have shown the BIG blind hanging down in the laundry...with sootys "TOY" bowl in front...YES that is covering a gaping hole my hubby made several years ago...trying to make a DOGGIE door.....BUT IT WENT WRONG!! WE JUST HAVE A HOLE IN THE DOOR!! shhhh he would kill me if he knew i said this!!

Sooo I still have my upstairs bedroom/ebay room/spare room/landing to do.
as well as the Kitchen..lounge room...other sitting room...entrance hall..downstairs loo...AND the dreaded STORE room..which looks like a disaster zone..
Let alone the garage...AND the GARDEN!

HEY!! I am having FUN with the BIG CLEAN....but...

I kINd of feel guilty doing this blog with all the people homeless through the bushfires...

soo keep up the support for them... i have shopped at coles...bought the tattslotto ticket with all proceeds going to the AUSTIN hospital's burns unit...donated to the local sausage sizzle...etc...etc.