Tuesday, October 18, 2011


                   Listing LOT and LOTS of  fabulous VINTAGE CROCHET medallions on ebay....
                    Whilst looking after dad, i am able to sit and cut and list my crochet goodies..
                              LOTS OF GORGEOUS CENTRES/MEDALLIONS...
                                          AU NATURAL...OR hand dyed by me~~~

           AND packaging up some VINTAGE books with VINTAGE CROCHET EDGINGS...

                                            and making SHABBY PINK french stamped pegs..
                                                                      (all 3 lots sold)..~~~

                                                  So as usual....I am BUSY!!!~~~~

                                                                xx andrea



Thursday, October 13, 2011


Well it has been a while since I did a little bit of a post~~

Dad is still staying with us, with his knee in a brace and unable to bend it..
We see his surgeon early November, so FINGERS crossed the knee cap (patella) should have healed naturally~~

If not, surgery is in order but we are ALL thinking POSITIVE thoughts~~

Dad is 88 yrs old this saturday (15th October)..so i have arranged for a few of his friends for lunch...
Dad has NO IDEA...so he will be wondering why i am cooking so much stuff on saturday morning??~

ALAS...I have an excuse...

It is also my birthday...(cough cough..splutter...54 yo YOUNG)~~  
SO i intend to tell dad I am cooking for MYSELF~~~

I have been making some FRENCH CHIC inspired cards today to sell on my ebay site...

And if you LOVE JEANNE D'ARC magazine.....

I have the LAST TWO editions available in my ebay store...

with the FABULOUS CHRISTMAS edition due to arrive on my doorstep mid/late NOVEMBER..

If you would like me to set aside a CHRISTMAS issue..just let me know..

I shall have 20 copies available~~~~~

au revoir~~~xx andrea