Friday, July 9, 2010


Hello again ladies...

Well I have been busy as usual!!

I took dad back into hospital yesterday to have his knee manipulated after his "failed" new knee surgery...

The doctor was confident they could rectify it and get him back on track...

He sounded very good when he rang me this morning and they managed to get a 100 degree bend in his knee under surgery...(so i think that is good not being soo good at maths??)...

I kind of had to ask dad (who was an engineer..what is 100 degrees?? what do you mean dad??)...... loves maths...!!

ohh!!! I dont take after dad!!~~~~

so he did explain this angle...which does now sound pretty good to me!!

he shall be in hospital for about 10 days & then come back to our home for more recovery/physio etc..

soo i am just soo relieved it has gone well thus far..
I havent been able to sleep much worrying about my gorgeous dad...seeing him NOT looking his handsome self..


I have been busy today still getting ready for my JUNK fair..!!

today I was going through my VINTAGE LOT of linen/lace/doilies/aprons..etc..

I am going to display them on coathangers on a wonderful clothes hanger..display item I purchased from "target" yrs ago...has two is perfect to display goodies...!!

this is all being set up in the room downstairs as my little "preview"..pricing centre..!!& packing is a tad "AD HOC" but effective!!

I found a GORGEOUS FAUX SILK & PEARL curtain for just $5.00 at a local am thinking how to USE this (and a few more) in my display...

I LOVE IT..And i can peg lots of gorgeous little goodies onto this re a display having already practised...with some vintage music sheets & other goodies....and it looks fabulous..~~~

I have still SOOOO MUCH stuff to go through....but keeps me a busy little BEE!!~~~~~

I haven't mentioned gorgeous "SOOTY" for a while..(my 11 yo toy poodle..who still acts like a PUPPY but is nearly blind now..OOOOOOOHHHHH)!!

anyway...whilst i am up the BACK of my house ironing the linen...organising "stuff"...he is sitting on the top of the stairs...looking down at me...watching what i am doing (even thou nearly blind!!)...with his cute little rooster plastic toy next to him..


okay off to do a bit more work & with my hubby home this weekend... for ONCE!!! so YES!!!
he is going to drive me ALL OVER MELBOURNE in search of VINTAGE FINDS!!!

Have a lovely weekend ladies...

xx andrea


baysiderose said...

You are such fun Andrea! Very good luck searching for vintage on the weekend. Great about your Dad!

chair up said...

I feel a fun weekend of treasure hunting coming on Andrea;o)
So glad your dad's op was a success. He's lucky to have a caring daughter like you, to be there for him in so many ways.
Your linen looks great haniging on that rack. What a good idea.

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Enjoy having Hubby home and going Junkin!!! I Hope your Dad recovers well and with success!

Paint Me White said...

Hay Andrea, so glad your dad got his knee sorted. He will be mobile and back swimming in no time at all.
All your linens look lovely for the upcoming fair - have a great weekend treasure hunting. Always good when someone can drive you and that way you can sit there and give all the orders. Take care - Sandy xx told my daughter that you son works at the apple store "oh she said do we get a discount mum" they will try anything these kids.

Alison said...

Great news on your dad Andrea.
You are going to have so much stuff at the Junk fair, it will be wonderful
Enjoy your weekend with your hubby home

theoldboathouse said...

Hi Andrea, Glad your dad is improving, your linen is always lovely, cheers Katherine

mariondee-designs said...

Hi Andrea, I'm glad to hear your dad is on the mend again. Yes they are a worry. I worry about my parents too. Your vintage linen looks lovely, I'm sure your stall is going to look super stunning! take care, Maryann

Mary said...

Just found your site - I am a vintage lover also.