Monday, July 12, 2010


Hi again lovely bloggers..

Well another week begins and I cannot quite believe how time is literally flying!!

I did end up going vintage/flea/junk market hunting yesterday (sunday)..
I was intending to go on saturday BUT i had a little "mishap"...kind of like a tummy upset...?? & I kind of threw up in hubby's car..OOOOHHHH!!!

Good lord...I NEVER get a tummy upset...& in our 24 yrs of marriage have NEVER thrown up in front of my hubby...& in his car...NEW CAR!!! OMG...OMG...
(I actually grabbed my coat and did my you know what into that...)..

I have NEVER BEEN so embarassed in MY 53 YEARS~~!!!!

(but hubby cooked me a yummy light soup which made me feel soo much better)..

Anyway!!!! enough of that...

...yesterday I found lots of lovely goodies..

Roses tins..

Roses placemats...

Divine vintage shabby pink quilted roses sewing basket..

Yummy shabby big pink/white wooden stool..

Groovy LIME GREEN BIG suitcase..(backdrop to the photos)...

vintage little childs chair recovered in Laura Ashley fabric...

& & MY BESTEST!!!! find of the day...JUST WHAT I WAS looking for...!!


a gorgeous vintage book.."heidi grows up"..JUST LOVED the cover!! & it does have some delightful coloured templates...

Soo after my HORRID saturday..I did have an AWESOME SUNDAY...!!

& back to tennis today...&I did hit really well!!

SO back to doing lots & lots of stuff to prepare for my fair...ebay ... cleaning...visiting dad in hospital......NOT enough hours in the day!!!~~~~~~

take care....xx andrea


Alison said...

Oh Andrea, hope you are feeling a lot better and that your Dad is doing well
Lots of great finds Andrea.
Bringing me more childhood memories. I had that heidi Book.
Which market did you go to?

Gail McCormack said...

Poor Darlin'
Hope Dad is doing well.
I too remember that Heidi book...I'm feeling a little teary now...

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Oh You poor thing!
I was so incredibly morning sick with my last 2 preganacies I threw up in front of virtually everyone I knew!
Hope you are better and Your dAd on the mend.

Tamarah said...

Oh Andrea love I'm sorry you were ill on Saturday....I can't imagine you looking anything other than VERY ladylike though as you politely barfed in your Hubbys car.... :o) !!

You certainly made up for it yesterday though with your LOVELY finds....What an AWESOME haul & I LOVE the ironing board....I always smile when ever I see those....!!

I hope your Dad gets to come home soon....I'm sure he's looking forward to leaving hospital for some RAP (rest & Andrea pampering)....!!!

Have a GREAT week....!

Tamarah :o)

Kerryanne English said...

No one likes vomiting, especially not in front of others but it sounds like you were in good hands. Gotta love a hubby who cooks and pampers!!
Great vintage finds on Sunday more than makes up for your lousy day Saturday. Love that ironing board.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Gail McCormack said...

Hi Andrea

It's a shame the Antique centre is closing, but it was bound to happen. Hope you found some wonderful goodies.

Tony's just got a workshop, no selling from where he is, we're going to try doing markets, my website and supply shops. let's hope it works out OK. The rents at the antique centre were so high in the end, we weren't making much of a profit there anyway!

Yes me too, always loved tussie mussies, in fact I started growing a few versions of geraniums specially to make some, Guss keeps weeing on them for some reason though...needless to say they're not surviving!

It sure is getting dark and eiry , might get the washing in while I have a chance

Goodness this was a long one, probably should have emailed you directly instead...oh well

take care, Gail xxx

Kelly Ballard said...

Hi Andrea,
So nice to find your blog (via Tamarah with an "H"). Lovely rose trays.

Second Hand Chicks

Peta said...

I hope you are feeling better and that your dad is too :) You found some fantastic things! That must have cheered you up!

Christine said...

Hi Andrea, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment! Love your blog & you have some great thrift finds, I'm looking forward to following you too!!
Christine x
P.S. Hope you are feeling better!!

Delcie Wardrop said...

It sounds like your Sunday was perfect! Just as well I wasn't with you we might have been fighting for the same things. Although when my friend and I go we have a rule 'whoever sees it first is entitled to it', sometimes we swap things.