Saturday, January 30, 2010


Hi ladies...

I have just been listing some stuff on ebay today...

waiting for the TENNIS final tonight..!!?? cos I love my tennis!!!

(actually played yesterday for the first time in 6 weeks...BOY OH BOY!!..I thought i was going to IMPLODE!! hot weather...lost my fitness level...BUT HIT OKAY ..should feel much better back on only takes a few hours & the OLD GIRL gets back into the routine!!).... we HOPE!!!

anyway tonights final is between....
Serena Williams v Justine Henin...cannot wait...& i know who I am barracking for!!!
soo I am just going through MY stuff!! & happily listing away in colour co ordinated themes??
from vintage pillow cases which I have dyed.....etc etc..
still have a heap of BLUE themed & shabby GREEN themed goodies to bundle together & photograph and list...

BUT it takes TIME!!

BUT OF COURSE the BATTERY on the camera is FLAT AGAIN!!!

new camera...continuous flat battery!!! GRRRR!!!

have a lovely week!!

xx andrea

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Hi ladies.

well i did a big clean up re the FRONT part of the house between checking my computer & watching the AUST OPEN tennis!
I have the perfect FRENCHIE CHIC table with my laptop allows me to watch the TV in the other room!! Plus to cherish a wonderful view!

BUT in between cleaning/watching tv...& listing on ebay!! actually FOUND MY gorgeous stash of JAPANESE mags..

(for bloggers who havent been following me too long...December of 2009 I went to Japan to visit my eldest son who was in Japan for 6 months at university)...

& did a few blogs on this FANTASTIC COUNTRY...especially the CATH KIDSTON stores!!

BUT....& this is a really BIG BUT!!

we may think English Country mags/Aust country mags etc are wonderful...


& i just found them again stored away...& have RELISHED going through them again...

SOO i thought I may show you some photos from them...

FASHION....home decor...(lots & lots of natural fibres...hessian/calico/cotton/linen)...

Even though they are ALL in Japanese...(never mind my son can translate for me)...BUT who cares...THE PHOTOS ARE DIVINE..

I think I may have to start subscribing to these awesome mags...(even though they are BACKWARDS!!) that the front is the back & the back is the front!!???
if you get my!!!
ps...MMM still some photos out of order!! have been draggin & shiftin for YONKS...not quite right??? HOPE you get my drift though..??
my last three photos are of my what I was talking about kind of at the beginning!!!???? (clean kitchen...ebay table & watching tv)....hope this makes sense...

xx andrea

Tuesday, January 26, 2010



Beautiful Melbourne weather....PERFECT glorious day... I LOVE this WONDERFUL country...

photo is of my blackboard I painted many a year ago on a wall in my kitchen...
and I have featured the latest AUSSIE DAY CHALK feature on it...

I think you can see I would NEVER be an ARTIST!!

quite a funny looking map of AUSTRALIA????
(thats why i generally just stick to writing phone numbers/addresses etc on it....)....
DRAWING is NOT my forte!!!

xx andrea

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Hi ladies....
I have been quite "slack" re doing things lately as i had a rotten case of "cystitis" the last few days which has left me feeling tired & grumpy!! & just lying on the couch watching the AUSTRALIAN OPEN TENNIS!!!

SOO i went & had my nails "done" today & a I am feeling MUCH more NIPPER!!!

BUT i just had to LAUGH at my son's friends BOOTS...

Christain has had a BIG MATE of his staying for the last 4 nights...

TOM is about 6 foot 6 inches tall.....& quite MUSCULAR!!

He takes a size 14 SHOE...

He had placed his BLUNDSTONE boots where we are keeping our shoes for easy access at the minute...(next to the proverbial table tennis table in the middle room....
although I must say..christian & I have been enjoying playing table tennis most nights...It is really QUITE addictive smashing the HELL out of the little ball whilst my normal tennis is on holidays!!!!).....& therapeutic!!
I obviously have a "BALL smashing problem"!!!... ANYWAY....

I couldnt believe MY EYES.....THEY ARE HUGE!!

my shoes fit INSIDE this boot.....

even Christian who is 6 feet tall....size 10 shoe...HIS shoe looks a tad small...!!

LET alone my size 7 shoe...??

Just thought a bit of a funny post???

(please excuse the dirty state of the shoes....TOM needs to clean his BIG BOOTS)!!

xx andrea

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Hi ladies....
well just to mention that it is becoming SLIGHTLY cooler today here in MELBOURNE...(reached 45 degrees yesterday..celcius...about 113 farenheit for overseas readers..
& I turned the air conditioning off in our bedroom at 4.30 am as i was getting a tad cold..!! (not like me to get cold at MY age!!)....wink wink...
Of course it was the HOTTEST NIGHT on record & my husband just shook his head in disgust!! he just couldnt understand why the air con was turned off!!

so he grumpily got up & started it up again!!!
Funny how silly little things like air conditioning on a HOT SUMMERS NIGHT sends EVERYONE PSYCHO!!!
anyway...THIS blog is MEANT to be about TWO gorgeous books I received yesterday...

THE VINTAGE TABLE...from Romantic Home mag editors...this is JUST BEAUTIFUL...superb photos/ideas..junk/flea market/shabby/french chic..WOW!!

ARTFUL BLOGGING mag..(more like a mini book it is soo thick)..
HOW beautiful are those divinely feminine photos?? JUST GORGEOUS..

PLUS I went junk market shopping today...found lots of bits & bobs..
BUT my favourite was the BOX FULL of OLD?? vintage type pearl jewellery...
even though NOT all functional or perfect...HOW Lovely would they all look in a vintage glass jar??
Or i figure you will guess where they will end uP????!!!
have a great COOL week ..

xx andrea

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Hi again ladies..well just following on from my last post re tooo much stuff..

I am actually sorting through MORE of my VAST magazine collection I have & found some lovely "vintage" BELLE mags i had stored away..

just flicking through them made me realise why i have had them stashed away for some 20 years!!

I think the photos speak for themselves..
ps...dont worry!! they are being sold on ebay .. *I am NOT keeping them!! another previous post...

MY 86 yo DAD swam the PIER TO PUB swim LORNE in victoria..

He swam the ONE kilometre OCEAN SWIM in 22 minutes...!!
Coming FIRST ..of course in his VINTAGE category!!
IT would have taken ME 22 HOURS!!!

GO DAD!!!! more bay swims for him over the next 4 weeks!!!

xx andrea...

ps..going to be a HOT one here in melbourne tomorrow..41 degrees!!