Sunday, August 30, 2009


Hello ladies...OH MY!! did a blog about this yesterday and when I went to edit something I kind of (well DID)..!! delete the entire blog....

SO here goes again with an abbreviated version...whilst Byron & his father went out shopping all day yesterday, I stayed home and crafted!! finishing lots of items off today (sunday) well as starting a heap of new blackboards (not photographed yet)..

anyway..I have been painting vintage the gorgeous DULUX "island sea" colour featured in a magazine a few weeks ago..LOVE this colour..

SOO I have been painting frames/little boxes/clipboards/suitcases/little drawers that I have stashed away.....decoupaging on some..(with some goodies i had colour photo copied ages ago..from vintage postcards to an OLD DOILEY i had!!)

sticking shells & buttons on others..

& with the pink noticeboard..finishing off with these gorgeous TAPES i found when i went to Japan last December..the gorgeous BIG PINK/white lace edging tape..& the sooo cute little cupcake tape!!
I knew i would use them somewhere!! eventually!!
I have also added an old pink vintage lace doiley hanging from a clear plastic little crafty peg..
I intend to list them on ebay this hope they look OKAY to sell???
OOPS maybe shouldnt ask that question!!!

have a lovely week again soon.. is still in hospital....going into rehab next week...his knee operation has BEEN MUCH bigger than darling 85 yo dad envisaged..has been a little bleed into the knee...but surgeon tells me all is good...of course dad is just like his usual jovial self..(but has been unable to swim his usual 3ks every morning!!!)....

xx andrea

Friday, August 21, 2009


Hi everyone....

quick little came out of his operation well!! the surgeon actually told my mum that he cannot believe how "YOUNG" my dad's bones are..for his age of 86!!
I just rang him..he is a bit groggy still...but was more concerned about how SOOTY is!!! (dad just ADORES him)...

whilst photographing stuff for ebay (of course!!! & waiting for the plumber to come to install the new cooktop)...took this cute little photo of sooty lying on my bed..

He looks like some over grown curly RUG!! (shall have to get him clipt shortly..but still a little chilly for the OLD BOY!!)..

have a lovely weekend everyone....BUT apparently we are going to be LITERALLY BLOWN away this weekend here in melbourne..have been today so far...NO TENNIS today in this wind!!

ps...hope to go to COSTCO this weekend...(when byron arrives..) is only about 10 minutes from my if interested shall let you know what it is like...

It is their first store in AUSTRALIA..& me being a shopaholic (even if just for groceries!!)....should be tres interessant!!!!! (probably spelt that wrong...the old french is getting pretty RUSTY...just like MOI!!!).......

au revoir...xx andrea

Thursday, August 20, 2009



well I am in several moods from being happy/worried/excited...BUT kind of nowhere?? that doesnt really make sense does let me explain..
OKAY...I am over the moon as my son who lives in qld is coming HOME..(well to his OLD HOME!!) this Sunday.. for about 10 I can PAMPER HIM...cook for him etc...even though he is 22 yrs old..I LOVE TO HAVE him home during his uni break...WE BOTH LOVE WATCHING SPORT TOGETHER
we go out for brekkie...truly ENJOY each others company..( HE IS A GREAT GREAT SHOPPer! loves his MAC STORE...gadgets..gizmoes..& then makes time to indulge his OLD mum!!)...

SOO am happy about that..

BUT WORRIED AT THIS minute as my gorgeous DAD is undergoing a knee replacement surgery..!!! at nearly 86 yo....he felt he just had to have it..I am worried about him ..... havent heard any reports yet..BUT hey MY DAD is a TRUE AUSSIE LEGEND...PILOT/ & an awesome dad..

AND SOO excited to be having a BRAND NEW COOKTOP installed tomorrow..\
the last one has two burners...a kind of medium heat hotplate thingey.& the deep fryer..
BUT with the gas carking it a bit....& other probs...HAVE NOW got an AWESOME 5 x GAS BURNER......OH YEAH!
i have my plumber coming tomorrow to install.....CANNOT WAIT...
ALSO HAPPY that ................

my new EBAY store.."the vintage hatbox".. is working well...up & running..

& listing lots of lovely goodies every other day....
from vintage embroidery vintage GREAT NEW BOOKS!!
(but still waiting to hear back re my ABN number!!!!)..

I have nearly finished re organising my EBAY room...(funny thing..hubby looked at it this morning...and was soo IMPRESSED.. he yelled out whilst heading off to work...." looks just like a SHOP!!"....YES!!! between worrying about dads progress...have been trying to clean as well as list STUFF...whats NEW???
have a lovely weekend....

xxx andrea

Saturday, August 15, 2009


HELLO ladies.. A quick.......
little post whilst having a little break between TOTALLY changing/organising my ebay room..

OH..I know you all are sick of my cleaning blogs! BUT this is NOT is TOTALLY restructing my room..

organising it into different sections...sewing..knitting...vintage linen..cath kidston...magazines ..etc etc...
AS whilst I am still waiting for an ABN number...Have actually OPENED my store on that is a start.. cannot do much else re ordering/opening my on line store until i get what is required!! (chasing it up...).

so whilst getting this room in order...

everytime the phone rings..I have to literally HURDLE my way across STUFF stuffed in my landing .. to rush into my bedroom to answer the phone..
which begs the question...WHY do i put sooooo much stuff in the doorway??? MMMM!! and hey..i am not even blonde!! (sorry to blonde girls...dont mean it)..
I especially like the photo of my snow/hiking boots..with the rose laying across them...I SWEAR i did NOT stage that photo...whilst chucking stuff around etc..that is how it landed...quite POIGNANT i thought!!????

anyway...a little snippet of what I am up to today...GETTING There..the room is now in themes...easier to access ...easier to find stuff!!
PLUS I am finding stuff I didnt even know i had!!
xx andrea...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Hi ladies....I am quite sure you get sick & tired of my silly blogs on my cleaning..

I get sick of it myself...YES I AM OBSESSED...but really cannot function with My mess..
so HEY...doing a blog (another shop featuring shortly)...BUT this blog is featuring some GORGEOUS...inspirational...magazines I am reading.

some listed on ebay...
from "where women create"..."home"...'artful blogging"..."real living"...etc..etc..
I am not going to go on & 0n...suffice to say... I LOVE them ALL...& get inspire...

that is the GREAT thing about good mags...with great photos/ideas..inspirational!
especially the SOMERSET issue mags!!.
with the aussie mag...REAL LIVING...I just LOVE the DULUX BLUE
colour featured re the desk etc...I am going to get a sample pot of that colour....and paint some hatcases i have..
anyway...thought would show some images from some mags I am getting inspiration from....
& the little bit of "CRAFT"!! WHICH may ensue!!
ps..very excited...just doing this blog had about 3 photos shown twice!! christian just got in and he showed me how to fix it...JEEZ!! click on the photo & press delete!!
I didnt know how to do that...SO that is my little bit of excitement for tonight re refining my blog!! DONT LAUGH!!
pps....forgot to say the other day i got out of my car..felt something hit my nose..& then noticed a BEE in my hair!!! it ricocheted off my nose (my nose isnt big!!)...& got stuck in my curly plaited longish hair!!
petrified..I saw a nice young man nearby...asked him if i had a BEE in my HAIR"" ??? (let alone a bee in my bonnet!)....
Yes you have..."HELP ME PLEASE.????"..
so he kindly FLICKED IT into space..PHEW!!
you are permitted to laugh at that story..
xx andrea.
the bee was UNHARMED & flew off to scare another YOUNG LADY!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Lovely day here in Melbourne today...after the horrid WINDS of a few days ago!
OKAY!! I know you know I am a cleanaholic!!....
so am kind of in the SPRING clean mood...even though that is another month away..BRING SPRING ON!!
BUT HEY...when in a GROOVE/mood...GO FOR IT...!!!
I sit in my upstairs room doing my ebay etc on my laptop....on my cute FRENCH CHIC!! (thats what i call it...little table)..

BEHIND me is a fantastic EXPEDIT IKEA BOOKCASE IN CHOCOLATE...(I love love these bookcases).
soo whilst cleaning the other day....took EVERYthing out.. & OFF THE TOP...gave a HUGe BIG clean...& then re arranged it ALL differently....& what a difference it makes just to PUT mags upright!!! etc

PLUS then had to go into my TV room...AND of course..JUST HAD TO change stuff on the table behind this couch..

added photos etc...& MORE of my VINTAGE COTTON spools....I JUST LUUUVE THESE!!

then I moved ONTO my ENTRANCE HALL!!!

SOO i grabbed a GORGEOUS

MIRROR (from MUMS place)....& have put it in my entrance hall...replacing a crappy print I have had there for ages..(which I hated)!!

PLUS i found this nice hall stand/umbrella holder type goodie mum had stored away..placed that in the entrance hall as well...

(dont worry....MUM is 'COOL" with my takings!!!!)....

& i have some GREAT suitcases which am intending to paint pink...white..maybe blue??? (have the dulux card ready to go).. know exactly what this colour is that i want to get...(is featured in the latest REAL LIVING MAG...
Listed a little cupboard which I repainted..added bits & pieces to it.....(on ebay)..
AND I JUST had to show a gorgeous FEW photos of my little SOOTY!!
how cute is my 10 yr old baby??.......havent shown him for a while!!
soo all in all....I am quite busy....even if I think i am NOT doing much!!!!!!!!!!!

HAVE a lovely week everyone..

xx andrea