Saturday, January 30, 2010


Hi ladies...

I have just been listing some stuff on ebay today...

waiting for the TENNIS final tonight..!!?? cos I love my tennis!!!

(actually played yesterday for the first time in 6 weeks...BOY OH BOY!!..I thought i was going to IMPLODE!! hot weather...lost my fitness level...BUT HIT OKAY ..should feel much better back on only takes a few hours & the OLD GIRL gets back into the routine!!).... we HOPE!!!

anyway tonights final is between....
Serena Williams v Justine Henin...cannot wait...& i know who I am barracking for!!!
soo I am just going through MY stuff!! & happily listing away in colour co ordinated themes??
from vintage pillow cases which I have dyed.....etc etc..
still have a heap of BLUE themed & shabby GREEN themed goodies to bundle together & photograph and list...

BUT it takes TIME!!

BUT OF COURSE the BATTERY on the camera is FLAT AGAIN!!!

new camera...continuous flat battery!!! GRRRR!!!

have a lovely week!!

xx andrea


theoldboathouse said...

Loving the purple!, cheers Katherine

The Shabby Cottage said...

HI Andrea, I'm with you - love love the tennis. Go Justine.
Also loving all that dyed vintage lace it just looks so pretty.
Yes Gold Coast traffic is a nightmare and took me over one hour to go only a few kilometres. If your coming up to the coast make sure you let us know as the kettle is always on. Sandy x

chair up said...

Serena has just won the tennis but I am hanging out to see Roger win tomorrow night!
Love the purple Andrea and the eggs, cute.
I went to download some photos today off the new camera so I could do a post and guess what?..flat battery,grrrr. What is it with new cameras???

Siobhan said...

Hi Andrea, Loving all your pinks and purples to bits!!! Hope you have fun watching the tennis.

Siobhan :)

Rooster Shamblin said... would you please spend a few minutes checking out my blog. I am a farmer who has been raising over 50 breeds of chickens for forty years.

Alison Gibbs said...

Hi Andrea you are taking some great shots with the new camera. What type is it

Beach Vintage said...

I love love all the pink treasures. Wasn't it a great final!

Country Wishes said...

Love the pinks and purples...Very pretty !!