Thursday, January 28, 2010


Hi ladies.

well i did a big clean up re the FRONT part of the house between checking my computer & watching the AUST OPEN tennis!
I have the perfect FRENCHIE CHIC table with my laptop allows me to watch the TV in the other room!! Plus to cherish a wonderful view!

BUT in between cleaning/watching tv...& listing on ebay!! actually FOUND MY gorgeous stash of JAPANESE mags..

(for bloggers who havent been following me too long...December of 2009 I went to Japan to visit my eldest son who was in Japan for 6 months at university)...

& did a few blogs on this FANTASTIC COUNTRY...especially the CATH KIDSTON stores!!

BUT....& this is a really BIG BUT!!

we may think English Country mags/Aust country mags etc are wonderful...


& i just found them again stored away...& have RELISHED going through them again...

SOO i thought I may show you some photos from them...

FASHION....home decor...(lots & lots of natural fibres...hessian/calico/cotton/linen)...

Even though they are ALL in Japanese...(never mind my son can translate for me)...BUT who cares...THE PHOTOS ARE DIVINE..

I think I may have to start subscribing to these awesome mags...(even though they are BACKWARDS!!) that the front is the back & the back is the front!!???
if you get my!!!
ps...MMM still some photos out of order!! have been draggin & shiftin for YONKS...not quite right??? HOPE you get my drift though..??
my last three photos are of my what I was talking about kind of at the beginning!!!???? (clean kitchen...ebay table & watching tv)....hope this makes sense...

xx andrea


chair up said...

Wow Andrea, I really didn't ever think I would be interested in Japanese design mags but these images are just great!!
You sure have the best spot there by the window, and hasn't the tennis been great!

mariondee-designs said...

Hi Andrea, thanks for a look into those mags, have never seen a japanese mag before!I love your french chic table, what a great place to sit. Yep, that mirror of mine will be getting a makeover, will post some pics when it's done. thanks for popping by, take care ,Maryann

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

am not into sport on tv at all but if i lived where you do I would never leave your front window....That view would be all I would need:)

Gail McCormack said...

Hi Andrea

Love the magazines!!

I love your "Spot" I think I'd be doing more watching out the window than working

Hasn't the weather been perfect, cool mornings and sunny afternoons

Glad to hear Sooty got into the Australia Day Spirit, Guss hated his hat

Have a great day

xo Gail

Alison Gibbs said...

Hi Andrea the Japanese magazine photos are fabulous.
great spot for watching the tennis - now it is over what are you going to watch

Beach Vintage said...

I just love Japanese anything. These magazines are no exception.

Tracey said...

These pictures are awesome! Who would have thought to check out the Japanese magazines...we're so ga ga over the French and Nordic influences, we over looked the Japanese. Just stunning! You're lucky to get a stash of these!!

:) T