Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Hi ladies....
well just to mention that it is becoming SLIGHTLY cooler today here in MELBOURNE...(reached 45 degrees yesterday..celcius...about 113 farenheit for overseas readers..
& I turned the air conditioning off in our bedroom at 4.30 am as i was getting a tad cold..!! (not like me to get cold at MY age!!)....wink wink...
Of course it was the HOTTEST NIGHT on record & my husband just shook his head in disgust!! he just couldnt understand why the air con was turned off!!

so he grumpily got up & started it up again!!!
Funny how silly little things like air conditioning on a HOT SUMMERS NIGHT sends EVERYONE PSYCHO!!!
anyway...THIS blog is MEANT to be about TWO gorgeous books I received yesterday...

THE VINTAGE TABLE...from Romantic Home mag editors...this is JUST BEAUTIFUL...superb photos/ideas..junk/flea market/shabby/french chic..WOW!!

ARTFUL BLOGGING mag..(more like a mini book it is soo thick)..
HOW beautiful are those divinely feminine photos?? JUST GORGEOUS..

PLUS I went junk market shopping today...found lots of bits & bobs..
BUT my favourite was the BOX FULL of OLD?? vintage type pearl jewellery...
even though NOT all functional or perfect...HOW Lovely would they all look in a vintage glass jar??
Or i figure you will guess where they will end uP????!!!
have a great COOL week ..

xx andrea


Anonymous said...

I think you have convinced me to buy that book from Romantic Homes. I saw it advertised & somehow forgot about it.
I had a giggle about the air conditioning, Adam & I do the same thing in the car...especially in winter. He complains that I am cooking him & I just feel nice & cozy!HAHA
Hope it has cooled down your way, it has here since the sun went down, but no breeze & with no air conditioning the house is warmer than it is outside.

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Gorgeous Pictures from those mags.
I am pretty sure the cupcake piccies are Natasha Burns Creations.
Nice to see an aussie artist in there eh?
It was so hot alright our house stayed ok but I had my Son extremly ill and running 40.6 degree fevers!!!!
Got 3 hours sleep!

Kerryanne English said...

I'm glad it has cooled down for you now Andrea. I was watching the news up here and thinking about all of you. Will we ever forget Black Saturday? I feared we might see something like that again.

Both gorgeous mags. I love the Artful Blogging one.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Andrea,
I had a laugh to myself, I don't know which pictures are from the magazines and which ones you took while out shopping. lol
Love seeing them all

Beach Vintage said...

I just cant get enough of this magazine. It costs me a fortune to get it sent here but I can't resist. Hope the weather cools down for you my dear.

chair up said...

Hi Andrea, those vintage pearls are lovely, great find!
I so enjoyed the moderate climate in NZ but now we're back to stinking humidity,argh, it makes me so cranky and really unmotivated to do anything!
Hope you enjoy the rest of your week.
PS My hubby and I have the same battle :o)

shabbydreaming said...

Hey sweetie,
Im sorry Ive been quite Slack in the blog visiting department!! Youve been busy and as always your blog posts and pictures are Gorgeous!! Yes it has been super hot here, thankfully we have cooling otherwise I would be packing the kids up and heading somewhere that has it!! I hate the heat Im a winter girl!!
Hoping your well will have to catch up soon!!

Alison Gibbs said...

Hi Andrea things are a little cooler today. Great photos from the mag. and book. They are fabulous
Take care

mariondee-designs said...

Hi Andrea, great pics, look like 2 beautiful books. What a find with those pearls.. I'd keep the nicest one's for sure.. good luck with your decluttering too.. let me know how it goes! take care, Maryann

sarah said...

just stopping by to say I thought of you when I saw the heat on the tv...was wondering if you had a/c

we are meant to get it this weekend...yuk