Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Hello ladies.
I am kind of sick of just getting up & wearing my INEVITABLE tracksuit pants..top...runners...scarf & mittens!!

OKAY..when i was a "MUM" so to speak..so had to get up early for some 15 yrs..look good...dress well...by 7.30 am EACH morning...TO drive my BOYS OVER THE BRIDGE..to school...OVER & BACK...& sometimes OVER & BACK & OVER & BACK AGAIN!!!

SOOO with all that OVER & done with for a few years now...I really dont need to go anywhere Or do anything much!!
so much to my annoyance...I kind of have become into a bit of a rut re me dress sense!! SOO yesterday...with tennis cancelled...put on good clothes...boots..pants.looked pretty good...& HEADED off to a favourite haunt to search for some nice bits & bobs for my ebay listings..

FOUND Lots OF STUFF....soo it was very satisfying...(and am in the midst of listing some of it..)...some little bits are shown...(lots more to sort through)..

FASHION show is this thursday.....i am scared!!! dreamt about stuffing it all up...how funny..(shall let you all know how it goes...).

anyway...a few of the lovely goodies listing...from dolls..to books..to BINS!!

I havent gotten around to photographing other goodies...But i HAVE heaps & heaps of OLD buttons in their original tubes...100's of embroidery threads..

It takes me forever to organise & photograph them...let alone listing them...
trying to colour co ordinate...make look nice...AND then people ask me "what do i do during the day"??..
MMM!! I could ask that same question....BUT I do get there in the end~~
try to make items look NICE...colour co ordinated...themed etc..IT TAKES ME ALL DAY to organise just a couple of things!
oh well....keeps ME BUSY...

xx andrea


Shaz said...

I think I have every "Victoria" book - I love them. I will head over to see the things you have listed.

Alison Gibbs said...

Sounds like you do plenty during the day to me.
I'm with you on the clothes thing. Especially Wednesdays and Thursdays for me when I look after 21 month old Riley - who wants good clothes on when you know you are going to get food, runny nose goo and goodness knows what else on you.