Saturday, July 11, 2009


Hi ladies...before I begin..sitting at my little laptop at the front of my house..BY MYSELF...(of course with SOOTY)!!...hubby away...Christian working at his part time job....BUT THE WIND today is absolutely & totally horrific...

I kid you feels like my very sturdy house is about to blow away...wind is HOWLING/WHISTLING THROUGH EVERY LITTLE NOOK & CRANNY...THE fan in the kitchen is being propelled around like a helicopters blade...!!!

SO I am staying inside...!! & NOT venturing out !!!

as such...I am ... YES AGAIN!! trying to get my upstairs EBAY room organised...I have been trying to do this for a couple of months now..BUT never get it done.

whilst going through some drawers in my desk..found one of my OLD LAW exams from way back when...CONTRACT LAW...

I just read it...& had to re read it several times to even kind of remember what the question was?? & I look at the notes i wrote on it during the exam...all very confident about stuff!!

JEEZ!! what has happened?? well back in 1976 i was 19 yrs a LOT older..BUT it has just made me realise how much the OLD BRAIN has LOST A BIT of knowledge!!

I am especially listing this blog for my eldest son who lives in qld..and is studying law at a uni up there!! HEY..your mum USED to be intelligent!!!

BUT then again..he does send me some of his essays etc for my perusal..& I think when it comes to the crunch...THE OLD girl..still remembers things...& DOES give him some VALID points????? MMM!! isnt that sooo Byron???

anyway....back to listing stuff on ebay...HAVING ANOTHER BIG CLEAN never ceases to amaze me what I find!!

cardboard craft boxes....cake/cupcake moulds & plaster??...tins etc etc..& that is just scratching the surface..

xx andrea


Gail McCormack said...

Goodness, I wonder the same thing about mine! I guess we're just focusing on different things now? I bet you'd soon get back in the swing of essays, exams etc.

Yes so windy today, I hope it's going to be better tomorrow - either that or we win Tattslotto tonight and don't have to go to the market - sounds good hey?

Byron said...

your fine mum. the brain is still firing and you could do a law degree again now if you wanted too!

Kerryanne English said...

Truly revolting weather Andrea... I HATE WINTER!!! Hope you stayed safe and warm indoors today.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

vicki archer said...

I have absolutely no doubt that that brain of yours is as sharp as ever Andrea, xv.

Shaz said...

Yes, Saturday was sooo windy, bit scary really. How nice that your son left you a lovely comment - I agree with Gail, our brains are probably more active than ever, just focusing of different things. How did the fashion parade go? Has it happened yet?