Saturday, July 18, 2009


HI LADIES...had a bit of a scare last night...settled down to watch favourite TV shows...AND CABOOM!! ALL BLEW UP.....

without power from 7 until 10.00 pm....MISSED master chef!!!! grr..grr..

apparently some "IDIOT"..chased by the police...crashed into a pole..& CUT OFF THE ENTIRE ELECTRICITY SUPPLY TO WILLIAMSTOWN/NEWPORT ETC..

SO literally MANY MANY restaurants had to close early on their busiest night...AS there was NO electricity...!!

this would have cost thousands upon thousands of dollars for these restaurants..BUT i guess they will end up claiming it on insurance..

AND if this idiot is ever captured...MMM!! probably a slap on the wrist...!!

anyway...have had a busy week shopping...& I am IN a totally crafty/button/lace/vintage spool MOOD!!

Love crafty stuff...vintage stuff...& I just LOVE to colour co ordinate it...

Its also funny..I am having a little bit of a MOMENT where I kind of feel like i would love to open up another shop!!...MMMM...did that for 10 yrs...& was tired.

BUT kind of now re invigorated..

when I did have my gift shop...I had 2 young children..!!

NOW I am a FREE agent with them both at uni....soo that little bit of doing something is suddenly creeping back into the senses..

I feel like I need another creative outlet...& A SHOP is that outlet...BUT THEN it comes with rent...rates...taxes...etc etc..

SOO just to open a SHOP is a BIG BIG FINANCIAL commitement...!! not sure about doing that!!

BUT I know exactly what I would do...(that is secret!!)...i know if i could do would be GOOD!! just lets say... it would be french etc....(you get my drift)....

anyway...kind of dreaming about that !!??

much more research would be needed....

soo sticking to my ebay listings at the minute...

hope you all have a lovely week..

xx andrea


Alison Gibbs said...

It would be great if you opened a shop. We could all come visit

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrea,
I agree with Alison, it would be great. And it would give me another reason to visit Melbourne!

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Ahhhh Andrea Seize the day! Nothing is undoable,If it does'nt work out you roll up the Red carpet again...But if it does and fufills something in you then How wonderful!
yOU GOT THE style and vision anyhoooo

Gail McCormack said...

The shop sounds exciting!!!

Maybe if not a real shop, your own website? there's a thought