Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Hello again ladies...

Okey dokey!! i did a blog a couple of weeks ago re ONE of my FAVOURITE shops!! (getting ready to do my second one for you to see next week)..
That blog was about the BLUE ILLUSIONS shop ...

I buy SOOO MANY of my clothes from this store...& they have fundraisers every couple of is raised for all sorts of charities...& they have local ladies modelling their clothes in store...

I had been asked a few times to model for these events..BUT was horrified..

BUT somehow....managed to get myself HOOKED into this event next THursday week!!

SOOO I am going to be a MODEL !!! or SOMETHING!!!


If i am going to do it...I want to make a GOOD impression...

I have long hair...(so the curly curler thingeys are coming out again!!).
another spray tan is in order!

PLUS i have bought some faux eyelashes...with some diamonds?? to try!! (they were only $ shall try to glue them in place & see what happens)..
practising with them!!

Soo my objective is to look good ..... even though it is a little local motto is ..always DO YOUR BEST!! & if I can help sell lots of clothes on the night...then my mission is completed!!! (HOW wanky does that sound??)..

AND at nearly 52 yo...I am going to be modelling mostly the clothes which I have purchased already.... ( so should be quite comfortable!!)...
photos show some of these.
knitted black..i also have it in grey...(i actually wear over black pants)..
same with the other gorgeous little beaded top smock/dress..
I have sooo many of the little ALL colours...which i wear everyday....just with a scarf around my neck...& I am as warm as toast.

BUT I have to admit...I match my coloured scarf (which is from Target)..with MATCHING coloured MITTENS..(also from target).
JUST MEANT TO say...I have mittens in ALL a matching scarf...!! ALL bought from TARGET...and i use ALL of them...every other day...CHEAP CHIC at its best!!!

anyway...a little glimpse of what I am up to....
pps...I sell to a lovely lady on my ebay site....& she has started her own blog site...
she would love some feedback...starting out...SOOO please check out SHARONS site...& leave her a message...give her some feedback...we all start out somewhere..makes us all one BIG family...
xx andrea


Byron said...

awesome work, you'll be great modeling!

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

I'm sure you will be Tres Chic!
You Hunky Mumma ...You! lol!
I love your style Andrea.
I look a casual gal most always.
I need to revamp my wardrobe...I love scarfes.

Anonymous said...

Hey Andrea,
Whhoo hooo sexy mamma! Have fun with the modeling thing, you will do great!
What great buys from Target, we have a store locally but it really needs an overhaul...need to visit the city for a good look.
Have to to say my thing is scarfes as well, have bulit up a nice little collection that goes with just about everything. Just what we need living here in the Highlands!

Kerryanne English said...

Andrea, I bet you will be a 'super model' on the night. Good lucky honey.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Gail McCormack said...

Good on Yah!!
Pics please - yes a full report when you have time


Shaz said...

Hi Adrea, Yes I can see how you would like Blue Illusion - it is a gorgeous shop - very you. Thank you so much for featuring me in your latest blog - so fabulous of you, - I love this blogland. Sx


Hey Andrea, you go kick some serious model butt on that runway darl!! You will be fantastic! i cant wait to see some pics!! WHOOOOYEAH !!

good for you!

Shann xo

My Pink & Cream Cottage said...

Woooohoooo go for it girl, lucky you hey am lovin'the falsies (eyelashes I mean) bet you will be the mst stunning model there & yes I also want to see photos my Sweet you never know where this may lead...

Have a great weekend

Lyn xxx