Thursday, March 5, 2009


Hello everyone!! well back from qld...& as much as I love where my son lives & qld etc....BUT!!

i love 33 degree heat in melbourne...BUT in qld..IT IS literally like living in a SAUNA!!

I did not stop long hair..just went FLAT!! mascara down my face.

AND I was just soo tired!! I was just lying totally LIMP/tired on my sons couch for at least ONE day...pathetic!!

JUST give me dry HEAT any day...please!


and I think it is always funny when you have been away from your matter for how long..IT always seems funny coming home...AND for me ...I kind of do a total RE THINK re my decor,=...

this time ... I think I have far TOO many photos/frames in my house??

I have frames/hanging images..kind of everywhere??

is TOO MUCH...TOO MUCH??? OR is it okay to have lots & lots of frames in nearly every room??

BEAR IN MIND i have quite a big house..BUT still??!!

I think i need some advice??

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A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

I too had far too many,I could'nt really enjoy the pictures that were on display.
So now I have a few and aI swap them around regularly form the stash.
But How I love photos