Saturday, February 28, 2009


Hi ladies...well i am breaking my promise about doing another blog...!! BUT am still home alone..until tomorrow....

AND look...honestly at nearly 52 yo...and with MY PAST LIFE!! so to speak...I really shouldnt get scared being home alone (especially as I have sooty literally attached to my hip 24/7!!)...

AND i was fine .... up until last night...about 8.00 pm the phone rang...answered it..and immediately it hung up....(rang the missed call star 10 hatch or whatever...but said "no answered call registered)...not too worried as it was still light ...

so when I went to go to bed...and leave lights on downstairs...NONE of them would work/turn on....MMM okay...looked at the switchboard but wouldnt know what was what!!

okay...went to bed...and at 11.15 pm the phone rang,...answered and no one there again!! OKAY..that was it..!!

I figured someone was out there to get me?? SOO I put the ABC radio on ALL NIGHt AND LISTENED TO THE CRICKET FROM STH AFRICA..luckily I love the cricket...!!!

and then of course when light appeared...morning dawned...I thought what an IDIOT i am!!

with light one SEEMS TO get all confidence Back...HOW funny is that??(as actually most crimes re home intrusion etc occur during DAYTIME)!!

SOO!! in darkness & home alone in a big house...I became a really scaredy cat!!

and I hate being like I normal?? do any of you other ladies get scared if left alone?

and of course the phone call was from my hubby in darwin...problem with his phone..and forgot the 90 minute time difference...

OH well...I actually went out shopping yesterday afternoon and bought two stretchy canvas...sewn images...from SPOTLIGHT of all places...(per photos)..

I have placed them near and above my piano in our lounge room....I really like them...add a bit of MORE red to my room...matching the rug...)..

this room is NOT SHABBY...with a house full of boys!!

as the adjacent room is all chocolate red...& black etc...soo i think they are a nice little addition!! and at a very CHEAP price..

whilst typing this...I often have a sliding window half open to let the air circulate...but today it is closed as the air conditioning is on...BUT alas..a dog has barked outside...and SOOTY has forgotten that this window is closed...

OOOOOHHH HE went to jump through it onto the balcony...head butted it with a great force...POOR darling....!! I have given him a good cuddle/massaged his head...
that is the photo of him just after his jumping attempt!! HE LOOKS A BIT sad!

he seems good..shall give him a smacko!!!

okay...NO more posts until next week!!! PROMISE...AS off to meet BOTH my BOYS coming home!! YES!! byron is BACK in OZ after 6 months away!!xxxx

xxxx andrea


Alison Gibbs said...

Andrea I remember when my husband was first going away for work and I was home alone with the kids - big strong boys, I was still nervous and would leave the lights on and the radio. Now I love being home alone. I so enjoy the peace and quiet.
Ouch poor dog!!
Happy to hear the boys will be back.

Kerryanne English said...

If your Sooty as anything like my Gypsy then he won't be much of a guard dog - will probably hide behind you at the first sign of trouble...LOL. My husband works away and I have the odd night listening to 3AW all night - just occasionally. Everything always seems fine by morning. At least tonight you can relax and sleep with your boys home.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Oh I do get spooked home alone....
I sleep in a half state.
It is freaky here in the bush too because country darkness is something else!!!
I love all the goodies you have been buyingup on:)

I need a good bit of shopping therapy....

Country Wishes said...

Your not alone Andrea, I think everyone gets the heebie jeebies sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrea,
You are not alone with the whole at home with no hubby thing, when Adam went away last year for a conference in Brisbane I kept the light on & the TV going all night!
Hope you are now enjoying having your hubby home & things will now go back to normal.
I love the new canvas prints, they look great above the piano. Great colour choice!
Sarah xxx

Gail McCormack said...

I don't blame you feeling scared!!

I can't remember what it's like to be home alone at night, seems there's always someone home with me EVERY night!!

Love your photos

Another windy day for us today, need bricks in your pocket to walk outside

take care - glad your boys are coming back home

vicki archer said...

Andrea - I so understand the staying on your own and being scared thing. I am often on my own in France, as I am married to Mr Frequent Flyer and the children are away working and studying, and have had to teach myself to be calm and cope with it. I have a little security routine at night - close everything possible - and now I am ok. I am so bolted in the problem would be I could never get out! But what is it about the light - as soon as it is morning all the fears disappear. Thank you for your lovely comment on French Essence and have a happy weekend. xv