Sunday, February 22, 2009


Sometimes i kind of think i am a bit crazy!! i am home alone ALL WEEK! hubby away working and both sons skiing in Japan..

So with the house to myself...(oh of course sooty) i go out shopping?? NO..

do i have friends over??...NO..
do I go out for dinner??.. NO..

what do I do??...CLEAN!!???

I dont know what it is with me...BUT I LOVE cleaning!! (my own house..not others)..

BUT I do intend to take mum shopping at CHADSTONE on TUESDAY!! so I am NOT THAT pathetic!!
BUT when I say clean...I MEAN A REAL CLEAN!!...I have dusted ALL the & bottom..(been on the ladder to reach)..
Given Christians room a TOTAL clean...on my hands & knees vacuuming..(as i do seem to get a BIG lot of white tailed spiders in this house for some reason)..
The same with Byron's room for when he does come home from japan before heading back to uni in qld..
my back computer/study area...CLEANED..
hallway with heaps of frames...CLEANED...even the skirting boards didnt miss out..

And the laundry...which is really far tooo is a silly size...BUT I HAVE cleaned it beyond belief...the light fittings...on top of the dryer..

AND JUST LOOK at the mess behind the washing machine..?? HUH>..where does all this junk build up?
I actually shifted a little piece of furniture into the laundry...and put the "HOME" frame above it...AND I filled it with the CATH KIDSTON fabric i bought in Japan..
then put "SOOTYS" pictures on top...with some roses..etc...and the gorgeous smelling pot pourri my sons girlfriend bought me for Christmas..
sootys bowls of water & food are at the base..
AND have shown the BIG blind hanging down in the laundry...with sootys "TOY" bowl in front...YES that is covering a gaping hole my hubby made several years ago...trying to make a DOGGIE door.....BUT IT WENT WRONG!! WE JUST HAVE A HOLE IN THE DOOR!! shhhh he would kill me if he knew i said this!!

Sooo I still have my upstairs bedroom/ebay room/spare room/landing to do.
as well as the Kitchen..lounge room...other sitting room...entrance hall..downstairs loo...AND the dreaded STORE room..which looks like a disaster zone..
Let alone the garage...AND the GARDEN!

HEY!! I am having FUN with the BIG CLEAN....but...

I kINd of feel guilty doing this blog with all the people homeless through the bushfires...

soo keep up the support for them... i have shopped at coles...bought the tattslotto ticket with all proceeds going to the AUSTIN hospital's burns unit...donated to the local sausage sizzle...etc...etc.


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

I too andrea am a clean freak.
I like tidy too but clean yes it must be clean.
I just sat on PC as my reward for finishing the jobs I needed to do and had no energy to do!
All done and looks spiffy and now just to make dinner.
I actually love cleaning.
You'll feel happy tonight you did it all.
Cluttered house cluttered mind.

MelsRosePlace said...

Good on you Andrea - i quite like cleaning like you have as well. Especially when the house is quiet and there are no interruptions - my only problem is it doesnt stay that way for long! I love standing back and admiring it all before it gets mucked up again. Sometimes i think its good exercise too. Mel xxx
p.s your house looks wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Good morning Andrea,
They say cleaning is good for the soul & I have to agree...sometimes I think there is no more a satisfying feeling than when you have done a big clean. Good to see that behind your washing machine is the same stuff you find behind does all that powder end up underneath whei I ever so carefully tip it in over the clothes????
Have a great week.
Sarah xxx

Alison Gibbs said...

Hi Andrea - when you are home alone cleaning is rewarding. It is when someone comes home and messes it up that is a pain in the butt!!

our shabby cottage said...

Hi Andrea, you have been a good girl! Glad to hear that you are off to Chadstone though!
I absolutely LOVE what you ahve done with your Cath Kidston fabric - it looks fab behind that frame. Love it!

Kerryanne English said...

Ahhh a fellow cleaning fanatic. I like a clean and tidy house too and find cleaning theraputic - especially when no-one else is home to mess it up.
Enjoy that fresh clean smell and tidy space.

Rebecca said...

Ok Sweets...I digress! I LOVE LOVE LOVE to clean, too! My family thinks I'm nuts. I won't leave my house if it is torn up. Just the way it is! This is MUCH BETTER than living in a mess in my opinion!

Love your Blog! Would LOVE to have you as a link! LMK! K?

xo Rebecca

yui said...

Hi! I'm behind you.
Good luck!

Claudie said...

Hello from Canada
Your Sooty looks like my Toby.
I love everything Pink also, and have males living here!! I might have told you that before.
Love your pink chalkboards. Love the color..may I ask what Pink you used?
I think you cleaned enough to make everything sparkle...good for you.
Love Claudie