Saturday, February 21, 2009


Hi again ladies....thank you for being supportive re my last blog..

I think I kind of did that blog more out of pure EMOTION as a mother...which i know never ends!! (believe me..i am nearly 52 yo...mum is 86 nearly 87...and still everyday she tells me to be crossing the road)!!

THAT drives me nuts...BUT yet I STILL say the same to my kids...!! HOW funny is all this MOTHERLY THING?? (i really dont think MEN feel the same way)..

anyway...sorry if the last blog was a bit silly....

SOO i figured i would do a blog with "crafty" things i am doing..or trying to do
(soo all you lovely ladies who can paint & sew..which I cannot do..this is my little feeble attempt at craft...dont laugh!!)....

I have several white mirrors...and I took the mirror out..painted the back board with blackboard paint....painted the white..a pink..sanded back & sealed...

this has just sold on ebay..

I painted another frame the same...added the rose/border thingeys on the top...and added a blackboard insert..
plus i have added 12 x chalks..tied with BIG YUMMY pink ribb0n...

AND i was just messing around with a blank canvas...decoupaged some french chic images...tea stained the matt....(i messed up with the stamp at the bottom...smudged a wont use that again...)...

glued a tassle on the corner...

NOT sure if it kind of looks okay or not....actually want to glue vintage buttons somewhere...which i shall do tomorrow....(have to find them in my ebay room first!!).
Just a play around??

PLUS I have decided to sell my "keep calm & carry on" poster...*I actually had the PERFECT sized frame at home...
it was gold...I have re painted it PINK...sanded back..sealed.
and VOILA!! I love it...BUT hey...what am i going to do with it??
and LAST BUT NOT LEAST....have decided to finish off my handbags I was knitting..(last year)!
haven't sewn them up yet...but have two on the go...cream & green..
and just a note...

the death toll from the bushfires has reached 209....sooo please help wherever you can..

xx andrea


Alison Gibbs said...

Hi Andrea, you have been busy. Love the bags - so cute.
Heaven knows what figure the death toll from the fires will reach. So sad.
Have a great weekend

Country Wishes said...

Those blackboards are fabulous!!!! I see one with my name on it!!!


shabbydreaming said...

Hey Sweet lady!! You have been very busy!!! LOVE everything!! And Pink too perfect colour!!
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend, i will have to keep an eye on your auctions for your keep calm print!!

Kerryanne English said...

You have been a crafty lady Andrea. Love what you did with the frames - very pretty.

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Not crafty?? Yeah right!
Girl that stuff looks amazing!
I just wish I could find my Crafting Mojo again...
It seems lost somewhere in amongst the business of being Mum,wife and housekeeper??Lol!

our shabby cottage said...

After hearing the news this morning about that missing Austrlian in the Japanese snow fields I think your intuition was spot on. But I'm sure your boys will be fine and if they go skiing a lot then they should know when and how to look after themselves.
Love the new makeovers with the pink too!