Thursday, July 7, 2011


Busy giving the house a clean this cold, wintery Thursday in Melbourne....
(as i have had to wait in for the guys to come to FIX the heating!!!
which unfortunately "carked" it the other evening)~~~

So to brighten one's spirits, some lovely Early Cheer flowers are in order throughout..

or "ERLICHEER" according to the Burke's Backyard website!!! WHATEVER..!!

as well as burning a lovely candle in a vintage cup & saucer...

(all smells will probably quickly dissipate when i put the corned beef on for dinner)..
But that is a YUMMY smell indicating a scrumptious dinner??

xx andrea


Ava said...

My all time favourite bulb , I bet they smell divine :) Wouldn't mind the corned beef either xx Ava

Bayside Rose said...

I love earlicheer and just waiting for them to bloom in the bloomin' garden. Lol :)

Pam x