Friday, July 29, 2011


Well today i was very happy to receive my latest "BOOK" acquisition...

"MODERN VINTAGE STYLE" by Emily Chalmers..

It is GORGEOUS! looking forward to sitting down & reading, but thought i would show you some photos taken from this book...

A MUST HAVE for the vintage/junk lover!!

I am off to New Zealand on thursday with my eldest son for a few days, so am looking forward to some OP SHOPPING..~~

I have my list ready...son will drive me around ..(well that is the plan anyway)...

I was starting to clean the house (as i cannot go away & leave a messy place!)...but guess what??

too many orders on ebay re my crochet medallion listings, so I am busy busy cutting these out this friday afternoon!! (as i had listed them without having cut them all out)...

Last but not least, i finally have my NEW black/academic inspired (lol) reading glasses...

your thoughts??

shall blog from NZ if i have something to report!!~~

x andrea


Shabby Vintage Junk said...


LOVE your new specs....They make you look tre smart....**wink**....!

....hahahahaha....GOOBER....Mind you....I've been know to list an eBay item that isn't QUITE done....!!

Emily's new book looks WONDERFUL....I wonder if the Book Depository could get it to me BEFORE I come visit you or should I just wait 'til you get back frm NZ....hmmmmm....I must ponder....!

Have a SAFE trip Andrea & have FUN....!

Look for ward to seeing you soon....!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)

Bayside Rose said...

You look like you have been in a Vogue photo shoot! Wow Andrea!

Stick to the Hospice Charity Stores in Auckland - I found them to be the cleanest and they always had the best stuff.

Of course you should blog from NZ. I did!

Have a great time. Pam x

Ava said...

Love the glasses, I need to get this book, You have made me want it with your photo's. Hope you're enjoying your trip xx Ava