Monday, December 13, 2010


Hi ladies, well i am desperately TRYING to get my Christmas organised...
I have had phone calls from several relatives saying they would love to come to my Christmas EVE dinner.. problems..I think I am catering for about 20 at this stage...

BUT I have to get pressies..

OKAY tomorrow IS THE DAY!!~~??

But today I have been busy doing usual, and cooking CURTIS STONE'S curry recipe..(from the COLES pamphlet when the Commonwealth Games were you remember the ads for it)?? is a LOVELY recipe... BUT I have tweeked it a bit...
I have left out the cinnamon..ADDED many more tomatoes...& it is tasting a treat..
plus I cut the chicken thigh fillets up MUCH smaller...I don't quite like BIG chicken thighs on my plate...

Sorry Curtis!!

as he is actually an "OLD BOY" from MY "OLD SCHOOL"...(although i was about 20 years ahead of him!!!~~~)...


HEY...yep...I cheat with the RICE....packet microwave ONE...(sorry)...
But is yummy/fast & NO MESS...

I am a bit of a MESSY cooker...spilling the spices...
Lots of Boards...cutting ALL differing ingredients..
& heaps of different knives in between washing my hands with that "DETTOL" cleansing thingey...!!~~~

My next project is to make the muesli from the INSIDE OUT magazine recipe section last month..

ALL ingredients are ready to GO...(sending to my son who lives in another state...IF IT WORKS!!)..

I am BUSY BUSY BUSY...going around in circles with SOO MUCH STUFF I have to organise..

At least I bought TWO BIG HAM bones today from my local butcher...(hand made/cured/smoked by him)...MMMM!!!!~~~~~

shall do a post before xmas to show what I have achieved...OR NOT!!~~

xx andrea


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

If You saw me and my house today you'd feel better!
I have so much going on but I am getting somewhere even iff behind all at the same time!
Dinner looks delicious Ms A,I wish I could whizz by and snavvel alittle!

Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Hey Andrea....Mmmmmmmm.....Your 'Curtis Stone' looks DELISH.... :o) !!

....hahahahahaha....If I were cooking for 20 people I think I'd have an anxiety attack....!!

I finally popped out to Bunnings yesterday to get a start on Mr SVJ's Chrissy present....One more trip out there should 'do it'....!!

Well Lovey I must 'away''s hoping we BOTH manage to tidy up enought to relax & enjoy the Christmas holiday....!

Give Sooty a rub for me & say HEY to your Dad for me next time you talk to him....!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)

ArtfulLee Designed said...

Your Curtis Stone dish looks yummy Andrea. Wouldn't it be nice to have him come and help you cook it LOL :)