Sunday, September 19, 2010


Hello again ladies...well it is another overcast kind of "boring" sunday weather wise here in Melbourne..

I am WAY OVER a Melbourne winter as this has been one of the coldest I can remember...BUT at least we have had rain...
SOO our horrid water restrictions have been eased..

HENCE i washed my car for the first time in years & years..(in my driveway that is..otherwise through a car wash)...BUT THE catch is..YOU have to wash it with a BUCKET of water...

MMM!!! lots of buckets of water is NICE & CLEAN!!~~

Soo...I washed my car....tidied up the front garden..

DYED lots of linen a shabby pale green colour..?? quite like them??..

listing my BULK lot of VINTAGE playing cards on ebay...
amongst other stuff....


this book is JUST TOTALLY GORGEOUS...very hard to put down..

& I have been wanting to buy a NEW bedcover/doona cover...for ages...

FOUND this "SHERIDAN" one the other day... so I think it just May do the trick..!
(the photo is taken from the back cover of the packaging..BUT in BLUE/WHITE)..
a tad blurry...BUT i THINK i like it...

soo shall do a blog on my bedroom next??!~~~~~ then see what ya think??!

& just a little note to all lovely ladies who have asked about my dad..

He has gone "home" to his house with mum...(so now she has to cook up a storm to feed him)~~ his knee is still not near 100%....but slowly getting there...
mind you he is still swimming a kilometre EVERY morning with a floaty thing between his legs..!!

I am taking him tomorrow to get a bandage/legging thingey made to fit over his leg to try to reduce the swelling still evident..

So dad is pretty good...mum is extra good (at a year older at 88)..~~

so that has been my weekend..

speak again soon..

xx andrea


Irene ~ RE~VINTAGED said...

Those swap cards bring back memories!! Mine are somewhere in the garage I think!
God Bless the rain but don't we deserve a little sunshine yet???

Annette said...

Hi, I just came across your blog and I too am a bit of a 'pink' girl! I am also on the lookout for a new quilt cover. It usually takes me quite some time to find one that's just right, but it will happen! I like the Sheridan one you have found.