Thursday, July 1, 2010


Hello again ladies..

I am still getting ready for the wonderful VINTAGE SHABBY FLEA MARKET extravaganza fair which I am a stall holder in Melbourne...

I still have dad staying with us and looking after him until he has to go back into hospital next thursday to try to fix his knee...

so whilst home I am kind of getting things organised for this fair..

Whilst I did own a gift shop for some 10 years...actually displaying at a fair as such IS A MUCH bigger task than ONE may realise..

Okay..when I had my shop...items were delivered...had heaps of space to unpack...price..display...

OMG...with a fair...I have all items at home....trying to THINK of how i could/can display gorgeous goodies in a 3 x 2 metre space...!!

How I transport all items from home to the location?? truck?ute?...trailer??

How I make my stall look totally awesome??

AND how to display my goods?? on tables..?? sideboards?? etc etc..

It is soo much MORE involved than I think anyone really imagines...

sooo that is what I am working the minute...

re display ..... what i am selling..pricing etc...

photos are JUST a HINT of what I am intending to sell...

displayed on my table tennis the middle room of my home.. so as i can visualise & price at the same time..

It is a BIG PROCESS indeed!~~~~~~~~~

hoping NOT too boring for you ladies to read through.!!!

xx andrea


Alison said...

Looks like you will have a wonderful stall.
Once you work out where you want everything to be then take a photo. Print it out as a 10x8 photo and take it with you. Then you won't panic about how you will do it once you are at the fair

Anonymous said...

Hey Andrea,
Your stall is going to be gorgeous.
I know what you mean about displaying in a small area, having done the market rounds,we learnt very quickly how to make the most of space.
I love Alison's idea of the photo too, wish I had thought of that when we were doing it!
Hope your dads hospial visit will go well next week & fix the problem.
S x

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Yes Markets and fairs are always Labour intensive.
It all looks great though

Tamarah said...

....And ESPECIALLY so when the SVJ-Z is not ANY ORDINARY 'fair'.... :o) !!

Andrea you're doing a BRILLIANT job & I'm LOVING your work....! Alison had a GREAT idea with the photo....Mr SVJ & I will actually be taking video footage of the walls etc so I know exactly WHERE to put back all the scout awards etc when we're 'all done'....PHEW....Mind....I'm YET to design my space....hahahahaha....!

We've orgainsed to take ALL my stuff to one storage location this weekend just so I can get a HANDLE on what I have....!!!

Well I must fly....Mr SVJ has just called to say he's left his meeting & is on his way to rescus me from work....ughhhhhhh.....Can't believe it's 5.44pm & I'm STILL here....!!!

Say HI to your Dad for me....!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)

Kerryanne English said...

Hi Andrea,
Alison has already suggested what I was going to say about settign it up and taking a photo - it really does help on the day. Another thing I used to do when I did the markets was pack my boxes back to front - which means dismantle your display and box as you go so that when you get to the market the things at the top of the boxes will be placed on the display first and you work through your box in the order that you need your items. This way proved the most efficient way for us to set up. It all looks very exciting Andrea.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Alicia ~ time worn style said...

Some valuable advice there from Kerryanne and alison, will take those ideas on board too. well I cant really set my stuff out till much closer to the day as I am selling stock continually so its a bit of a revolving door!! I will have my major pieces ready though so it will just be a matter of filling them up. btw your stall is going to be fabulous, I may spend more time at yours than mine ;0)