Saturday, May 29, 2010


Hello ladies....just a little post to share with you about what is making my SATURDAY bringing a smile to my face..

With winter in australia just a few days away now...the wonderful JONQUILS are just starting to hit the market...

SOO of course i had to buy some bunches and place them in my left over (washed!!) tin cans..tied with some string...

( my last post..more scales have been added!!)..~~ soo they are sitting with some of these scales...!!

PLUS with this season my favourite ALL time fruit is in abundance right now...MANDARINS...!!! (& i eat the skin as well!!! well some pieces..NOT all)...

AND I purchased my brand new TENNIS runners which have been on order for a few months my old ones have worn out..

CHECK out the sexy MAROON colour??? what do ya think??...
whilst down the street a friend reminded me they match my glasses!!!

(a skirt matching is apparently on the horizon to come into the sports store)..~~

AND I have kind of gone a bit TIN BIRD psycho..?? a few posts ago i showed my new laptop/ebay/table blogging arrangement with some tin birds hanging from my centre piece..

Well i found a few NEW tin birds & a butterfly tucked away in my "ebay" they have been added to this little tree branch...(which is now leaning far way to the right with the extra weight!)...

HEY!! leaning to THE RIGHT!!! nudge nudge wink wink!! re the election...~~~~just realised what I kind of said...??? shall leave it there!!!

AND in my bathroom I had a blank space left when removing a picture etc...SOO I went to KIMS shop (the white artichoke) the other day & bought two lovely cream tin birds...& i have hung them up on the vacant hook with differing blue ribbon that i have..

AND last but NOT least...lovely little photo of my gorgeous SOOTY (my 11yo toy poodle for bloggers who have no idea what I am talking about).. dad is still in hospital re his new knee op...hopefully coming home to MOIS this wednesday..?? going well...but has lost weight & colour again...which i guess is associated with lying in a hospital bed...hardly able to move for 3 weeks...(would HATE to think what I would look like???)~~~~~

xx andrea


Gail McCormack said...

Hi Andrea

Lovely Photos
Yes getting so chilly, but sort of nice in a way..."SORT OF"!!

I hope your Dad has a speedy recovery, the older you get the longer the recovery seems to take

Gail xx

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Oh I love Jonquils When I worked where you live every Friday in winter on my way home I would buy bunches from the flower stalls on the side of the road! Love them!
Your display look beautiful1!
I hope your Dad gets back to you for some spoiling

Alison said...

Beautiful jonquils Andrea.
Have fun taking care of your dad, with you looking after him he will be fit and healthy in no time

Alicia ~ time worn style said...

Hey Andrea, I am LOVING those tennis shoes, think its time I upgraded my own, they are super cool! Also love the little birdies, they are like the ones you sent me :0)

Kerryanne English said...

I used to always buy jonquils when in Melbourne but I haven't seen any up here yet - don't suppose it is cold enough.
Glad to hear your dad is okay. I'm sure you will fatten him up again when you start making all his food.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Julie-Ann said...

Beautiful flowers and tin birds:) Your puppy is cute too.