Monday, March 22, 2010


Hello ladies...
Well being a LOVER of all things FRENCH.. I JUST love anything "FRENCH GENERAL"...

Kaari Meng's books are just soo beautiful....FULL of gorgeous

(if only I could sew...??? well i did sew once upon a time but the machine is stored away & I am actually TOO scared to venture sewing again??

In the past I did make some golliwog dolls & some naive quilts when I had my gift shop...& hey....they did maybe I just need to bite the bullet...get it out..& TRY AGAIN!!! the bobbin always used to get caught which kind of put me off)..

although probably MY fault!!

ANYWAY...I savour Kaari's books....& I also ADORE The PARTY PAPERIE she produces..

12 invitations.....12 envelopes...12 place cards...12 menu cards...

(I am having my mum & dad & their TWO OLDEST friends for lunch on THURSDAY...& intend to use these as a BIT of FUN for them...BOY their COMBINED AGE IS about 340 YEARS!!!).... I KID YOU NOT!! ALL in their LATE 80's!!!
menu is corned beef...mash potatoes....peas...carrots...cabbage....gravy...
desert....Lemon buttercake...with king island cream...& few baby easter eggs put in a little bag for them all to take home to nibble!!)

I have also used some of the placecards in a white frame i have had for several months...was going to put Cath Kidston material in it....BUT thought these cards look pretty good...??
Also showing some photos of my PINK goodies listed on EBAY....

my linen....handmade cards..
ALL dyed or made by MOIS!!!....

I have been a busy little "BEE" in between my BUSY TENNIS!!!
xx andrea


Anonymous said...

Hey Andrea,
I love those French General books too!
I think you should get that maching out of hiding & show us what you can do!!! Go on!!!
Your Thursday lunch sounds fantastic. I bet they could all tell some wonderful tales.

Kerryanne English said...

Lunch sounds delicious Andrea and I'm sure they will all enjoy and appreciate it.

Go on, be brave, get that machine out again. You know it is addictive!!
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Beach Vintage said...

Hi Andrea, I had never heard of her before, I must investigate and purchase some of her books....thanks for your sweet wishes yesterday.

Gail McCormack said...

Hi Andrea

Your "luncheon" is going to be very much enjoyed by the sounds of things

Don't forget some photos please

Thank you for your encouraging comment on my latest painting

take care ~ Gail

theoldboathouse said...

Hi Lovely Andrea, Yum...that sounds great. You will have to post some pics of the day.cheers katherine