Sunday, January 3, 2010


Hi ladies.....& happy NEW YEAR...

I have to say i am just sooo glad that the new years/xmas business is NOW all oVER...

on xmas eve we had a HUGE HUGE thunderstorm here in Melbourne...which I loved watching. & did cause the party in the city etc & outside my house to be a LOT more subdued....NOT that that worried me in the slightest..

BUT what did make me MORE THAN TOTALLY ANGRY/IRATE was.......

we had some stupid problems with people parking IN OUR driveway to watch the fireworks...

(hubby's dad had just had a suspected heart attack...& he had to get out of our driveway to go to the RMH..(royal melbourne hospital)..

BUT some woman LITERALLY BACKED into our driveway to watch the fireworks & wouldnt MOVE..??

My hubby approached her several times...BUT she refused to move OUT OF OUR DRIVEWAY..

what tha?? where was this woman coming from???

her response was...OH why do you have to leave now..i want to watch the fireworks...

even after hubby pleading that his dad was in hospital???

she refused to move...

I DONT GET IT...NEVER WILL...why are some people JUST SOO PATHETIC/Inconsiderate...?? just to watch some silly lame fireworks???

we did ring the police...(but when arrived the fireworks had finished & she had since vanished)..

so that incident really tarnished our new years eve..

BUT the good news..

It wasnt a heart attack...just heart beating irregular at 80 yrs old..THAT was good news..

soo now that I have that off my chest...!!!!!

HUBBY took me vintage flea junk market shopping yesterday & I found JUST SOO MANY GORGEOUS Goodies...

little snippet of them....VINTAGE SEWING BASKET...COASTERS..PLACEMATS..SOO MUCH LINEN & LACE (havent photographed all)...roses tins....italian frames....ballet prints...other prints...


xx andrea


Kerryanne English said...

I feel irate just reading about this woman Andrea. Lucky I wasn't there. I would have been jumping up and down on her car with my high heels on (&I'm usually very calm)... that would have moved her on - how dare she be so self centred.

I have one word for you - KARMA. She'll get hers.

I'm glad to her that you father-in-law is doing okay.

Anyway, Happy New Year love.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

She did what???? Really ???? Are there people like that existing.
Boy My hubby would'vemoved her with a fire crcaker right up her butt!!! lol!
Glad all okay and hey what finds you sure had...Tonnes of goodies

Bunny said...

Well happy to hear it was not a heart attach and there are surly stupid people all over the world. Not a good thing to start off your New Year hope the rest of the year will be great for you and your family.

Anonymous said...

OMG Andrea, how on earth did you not go out & punch that stupid woman? You showed constraint that's for sure. I am glas to hear that your FIL is OK. What a scare though?!
I also love all your vintage flea market finds.