Monday, September 28, 2009


Hi ladies...following on from yesterdays blog..kind of wondered how i could display the doilies/cloths etc to show them off nicely for ebay listings..

wish i still had the gorgeous childs little clothes line I used to use for display in my shop...(wish I still had half the stuff i used to use for displays..)..OH WELL!!

anyway...had a bit of a brain wave...!!!??? strung up some string across the wardrobe in my EBAY room...& pegged the goodies thereon...(must go & buy the lovely shabby pale pink/blue & green pegs i spied in safeway the other day..)..

we should ALWAYS buy little things like that when we see you know underneath they will be handy/useful somewhere/ I have to go back JUST to get them!

anyway...Just listed a few of the PINK goodies... have to iron out all the blue stuff...but looking very nice ...& mum got me some YUMMY PALE green shabby dye today...& ECRU...JEE WIZ..there is no stopping me now..

xx andrea


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

You are one funny bunny!
Look at you there dyeing away!
This dyeing bug must be catching!
Everyone I read is dyeing!

Must say Makes me want to pull out my linens and give them a whirl through the dye!

Hey will email you soon....
The little indians are keeping me Busy! (insane)
But will chat soon

chair up said...

You do keep yourself busy don't you! Your clothes line is a wonderful idea. Hope those ebay customers appreciate your efforts.
I haven't been able to get near the computer what with the kids home on holiday. Still, only 1 week 'til they go back so I should be spending my time with them.