Saturday, August 8, 2009


Lovely day here in Melbourne today...after the horrid WINDS of a few days ago!
OKAY!! I know you know I am a cleanaholic!!....
so am kind of in the SPRING clean mood...even though that is another month away..BRING SPRING ON!!
BUT HEY...when in a GROOVE/mood...GO FOR IT...!!!
I sit in my upstairs room doing my ebay etc on my laptop....on my cute FRENCH CHIC!! (thats what i call it...little table)..

BEHIND me is a fantastic EXPEDIT IKEA BOOKCASE IN CHOCOLATE...(I love love these bookcases).
soo whilst cleaning the other day....took EVERYthing out.. & OFF THE TOP...gave a HUGe BIG clean...& then re arranged it ALL differently....& what a difference it makes just to PUT mags upright!!! etc

PLUS then had to go into my TV room...AND of course..JUST HAD TO change stuff on the table behind this couch..

added photos etc...& MORE of my VINTAGE COTTON spools....I JUST LUUUVE THESE!!

then I moved ONTO my ENTRANCE HALL!!!

SOO i grabbed a GORGEOUS

MIRROR (from MUMS place)....& have put it in my entrance hall...replacing a crappy print I have had there for ages..(which I hated)!!

PLUS i found this nice hall stand/umbrella holder type goodie mum had stored away..placed that in the entrance hall as well...

(dont worry....MUM is 'COOL" with my takings!!!!)....

& i have some GREAT suitcases which am intending to paint pink...white..maybe blue??? (have the dulux card ready to go).. know exactly what this colour is that i want to get...(is featured in the latest REAL LIVING MAG...
Listed a little cupboard which I repainted..added bits & pieces to it.....(on ebay)..
AND I JUST had to show a gorgeous FEW photos of my little SOOTY!!
how cute is my 10 yr old baby??.......havent shown him for a while!!
soo all in all....I am quite busy....even if I think i am NOT doing much!!!!!!!!!!!

HAVE a lovely week everyone..

xx andrea


vicki archer said...

I love those old Globite suitcases Andrea....I still have my first somewhere in the shed here! Have a wonderful weekend, xv.

Alison Gibbs said...

Wow you have been busy Andrea. All that cleaning - how wonderful that Spring is nearly here

Kerryanne English said...

Hi Sooty,
Have you been watching mummy cleaning frantically? It must be the hint of spring in the air.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

shabbydreaming said...

You always find such pretty stuff sweetie!! I gotta come shopping with you one day!!
have a FAB week!!