Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Hi ladies....I am quite sure you get sick & tired of my silly blogs on my cleaning..

I get sick of it myself...YES I AM OBSESSED...but really cannot function with My mess..
so HEY...doing a blog (another shop featuring shortly)...BUT this blog is featuring some GORGEOUS...inspirational...magazines I am reading.

some listed on ebay...
from "where women create"..."home"...'artful blogging"..."real living"...etc..etc..
I am not going to go on & 0n...suffice to say... I LOVE them ALL...& get inspire...

that is the GREAT thing about good mags...with great photos/ideas..inspirational!
especially the SOMERSET issue mags!!.
with the aussie mag...REAL LIVING...I just LOVE the DULUX BLUE
colour featured re the desk etc...I am going to get a sample pot of that colour....and paint some hatcases i have..
anyway...thought would show some images from some mags I am getting inspiration from....
& the little bit of "CRAFT"!! WHICH may ensue!!
ps..very excited...just doing this blog had about 3 photos shown twice!! christian just got in and he showed me how to fix it...JEEZ!! click on the photo & press delete!!
I didnt know how to do that...SO that is my little bit of excitement for tonight re refining my blog!! DONT LAUGH!!
pps....forgot to say the other day i got out of my car..felt something hit my nose..& then noticed a BEE in my hair!!! it ricocheted off my nose (my nose isnt big!!)...& got stuck in my curly plaited longish hair!!
petrified..I saw a nice young man nearby...asked him if i had a BEE in my HAIR"" ??? (let alone a bee in my bonnet!)....
Yes you have..."HELP ME PLEASE.????"..
so he kindly FLICKED IT into space..PHEW!!
you are permitted to laugh at that story..
xx andrea.
the bee was UNHARMED & flew off to scare another YOUNG LADY!!!!!!!!!!!


Alison Gibbs said...

Hi Andrea great post. Love the look of Where women create magazine. Must try and get one

Kerryanne English said...

Gee Andrea, if I wasn't moving next week I'd be bidding on those mags. I just love them but didn't buy the latest ones. Let me know if you list anymore at a later date.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Andrea,
Nice post. Thanks for showing the pics from the magazine.

I like the positive affirmations picture frame. I've done a few similar pieces.

Thank goodness for son's.

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Lol!!! You are one funny gal Andrea...
Gee the things you will do (bee in hair) to get some young Males attention!!!
Bahhaaaaa...Only joking!
I need some inspiration and some time...Oh and some rest.
I am feeling Buggered!