Tuesday, May 19, 2009



anyway....I planned today on listing LOTS of bits & pieces on ebay...went shopping for some stuff yesterday....found a few little pieces to list...
photos show THE gorgeous vintage BED DOLL..how cute is she?? PLUS the CARD roses basket..full of sewing stuff...(which I have NOT shown in this photo..BUT added to my EBAY listing)...~~
SOO the plan was to be VERY productive.....BUT HEY!! I have photographed stuff...listed one or two things...

In between getting dinner ready for Christian (at work today)..& his girlfriend who is coming for dinner..

thought I would do a roast chicken....mashed potatoes etc...cooked a chocolate cake...(okay...it is a packet one)!!
OMG...just looked at the chicken photo...& they look disgusting!!
BELIEVE ME..i have taken all the fat out of them..chopped off all the yukky bits of flesh hanging off the edges!! taken out all the inner bits & gooey pieces..YUK!! and then SCOLDED THEM IN BOILING HOT WATER!!
SO THEY are quite pristine!! clean..clear of yukky bits & bits..(if you know what I mean)??.....I am JUST SOOOOO FUSSY ...especially with CHOOKS!!
BUT the photo still makes them look so so!!!....
(just checked on them in the oven...and they are cooking up to be soo scrumptious!! very brown..well cooked...I cover them in a bit of olive oil/sea salt...soy sauce..honey...pepper...lemon juice...& stuff a lemon in the cavity.with some garlic cloves around...maybe some onion slices also here & there)...BUT MMM!! looking GOOD!!!!!!!!!)...(this is an edit...so we are now talking 6.00 pm!!)...

BUT in between all that...it is NOW nearly 3.00 pm..and I feel LIKE I have DONE NOTHING REALLY!!

I think I have listed a couple of things on ebay...BUT have heaps more to list..

PLS....the postie came with GAIL McCORMACKS....GORGEOUS GORGEOUS NEW PAINTING I purchased the other day...I havent put it anywhere yet...as I am thinking I JUST HAVE To repaint...kind of re arrange me kitchen...I have HAD IT....!!
BUT THIS painting is giving me inspiration!! thanks gail...
AND he also brought me another gorgeous NEW magazine..ARTFUL BLOGGING...a MUST have reference for US bloggers..!!
soo in between listing on ebay...cooking...thinking about changing the house around..reading mags...quite literally STUFFING AROUND!! I really havent gotten too much done today....BUT I havent really been slack either....so what have I achieved??

time flies when your children are now adults & both independent uni students!!

and I sit at home ... doing STUFF!! but not too sure what kind of STUFF THIS IS??!!

oh well!! SOOTY still needs to be looked after!

well...better get back to being productive!!\
xx andrea


Fiona said...

Sounds like my days Andrea when I am home from work and trying to get things done - I seem to get nothing done. How is Ebay going for you?

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Funny as I looked at the chook piccies and thought hoe delish they looked!
It sounds like you actually did alot of things .
Just cooking roast for tea is time consuming!
My days run from one to another and are feeling abit like groundhog day...Always the same!
I have my first cold of the year too,Thumping headache and hanky permanetly attached!

Hope it goes soon,Have busy weekend with my Son and HIS social life!

My Pink & Cream Cottage said...

Hey Andrea,
So how was the chook last night, could almost smell it cooking from your description yummo. Think it must be the time of year as I feel I get nothing down most days now, oh well there is always tomorrow huh.

Have a great day

Lyn xxx

Gail McCormack said...

Hi Andrea
I'm hearing ya!!
I tend to leave things till the last minute - which means near the end of the day I'm trying to finish a million things at once.
I've found the fact it's getting dark so early doesn't help matters!

Glad your painting arrived safe and sound - looking forward to seeing where you put it. Loved your other goodies too. The Chook looks delicious!!

Kerryanne English said...

MMmmm... two of my most favourite foods - chicken and chocolate cake. Eww.. not together of course. The thought of your roast chook is making my mouth water. Seeing as I am still stuck in bed and being waited on, I might request that my mum roasts me a chook with her famous curry stuffing.

What was the latest Artful Blogging like? I didn't order this one.

Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrea,
Hmmmm roast chicken, my mouth is watering!
You know I often have days where I seem to get nothing much done, but I just go with the flow now & make up for it on other days!
~S~ xxx

shabbydreaming said...

OHH Andrea I SOOO know where you are coming from!! I feel the same somethimes. Your cake looks YUMMO!!! I have such a sweet tooth!!
Hope your having a great week!!

vicki archer said...

Andrea - you are hysterical! Love your cake and your chicken and I always feel that I get nothing done at all during the day. Have a great weekend, xv.