Sunday, May 24, 2009


Hi again ladies...well it kind of seems that I am on a cooking theme re my last few blogs..

Well my mum & dad..(both in their late 80's)...have had a bit of the "COLD"...although dad only ever seems to get a bit of a sore throat..MUM gets it a bit worse..and cannot speak for more than a few minutes on the phone..she just starts coughing ad nauseum!! POOR MUMMY!!!!

SOO being the wonderful & dutiful 52 yo daughter that I am!!!! LOL..cough cough...NO BUT I AM...really!!

cooked them rissoles..mashed pototo..fried onion...peas..gravy...and an ORANGE & poppyseed cake yesterday...

AND TODAY....sausage rolls...(plus ONE BIG JUMBO one for dad...hadnt finished cooking when I took the photo..)..

PLUS 8 x sultana scones....(also not finished cooking)...BUT dad had one as soon as it came out of the oven..and gave it the thumbs up!! which he would do even if it was crappy!!! xx dad..

PLUS I love roasting ROMA some balsamic vinegar...sprinkle of murray river sea salt..pepper...YUMMO...YUMMO!!

sooo dad has taken all this home for "HE" & "mother" to enjoy..

.aNd I am listing some CATH KIDSTON goodies...some bought in Japan re my trip last december..other bits bought here...HAVING a MINI clearout...

OHHH!!! SOOO MUCH STUFF!! I am just a hoarder..shopaholic...OH WELL!!

makes life interesting???

have a lovely week everyone.....(and ps..sorry i have been very slack lately leaving comments...getting around to it all)..eventually!!

maybe I have tooo much spare time..& waste it...who knows..



Mandy said...

52 No never !!!!
Wishing your mum and dad a speedy recovery I think with food like that they will soon be on the mend bless them x
I am loving your CK stuff x

Gail McCormack said...

Yum Andrea - I would give anything for one of those sausage rolls, I can't tell you how long it's been since I had a sausage roll, at my age I'm trying to keep off the pastry, you know how it gets

Hope your Mum gets better soon, my poor old Dad has had the same, he ended up in hospital - seems to be taking forever to get over the chesty thingy

Love your new listings - I adore her vibrant colour contrast

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

All that soull food would have to make anyone feel better.
I love how you really love your Mum and Dad and in the practical sense too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrea,
OMG that food looks sooo yummy!
I hope your mum & dad get over their colds fast. Nothing worse that feeling the way you do when you get a cold.
Just remember to look after yourself as well.

My Pink & Cream Cottage said...

hey Andrea your sausage rolls look sooo yummy & you just cannot go past scones, my favourite are date scones sadly I am really lousey at making them. Hope your Mum & Dad get better soon sweet & that you had a great weekend....

Lyn xxx

Alison Gibbs said...

Hi Andrea mmmm... yummy looking tomatoes. You are so good to cook for your parents.

Kerryanne English said...

Mmmmmmmm - home made sausage rolls. Can't beat that. I usually make them in the school holidays for the kids but they sem to eat them as quickly as they com eout of the oven. I bet your dad enjoyed his.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne