Sunday, April 26, 2009


HI ladies...well after OUR LONG HOT SUMMER here in Melbourne...CANNOT believe the weather today..
cold...raining...YES RAIN!! wind...
as much as I know we need rain...(dams are just at 28%...lowest ever!)...BUT YUKKY...dont want cold weather..having to wear long pants/boots/coats/scarves...

NOT USED to that!! OH well... I better get used to it!!
SOO with the cold weather...the UPSIDE is one can cook quite HEARTY meals and not feel guilty about eating it!!

sooo am cooking a nice STEW with mashed potato for dinner...

PLUS I have just been very very slack...sitting on the couch ALL day..cross stitching..

I found this half completed cross stitch I must have started years & years AM now going to finish it...

ALONG with other projects..

I have always been into Cross stitch....(per my photos) well as embroidery etc...

MMM!! also feels like the knitting needles have to surface again!!

BUT hopefully....I will actually finish a project this winter...!!

sick of starting stuff and never quite finishing things..

ps...bought sooty a cute?? maybe ugly?? new toy to keep him interested...amused...he hasnt stopped playing with it all day...(small things amuse small little poodles minds....OHH that is a horrible thing to say about my HIGHLY intelligent TOY POODLE!!!).........

have a lovely week..

xx andrea


Shabby Raggy Roses said...

Hasn't it been a yukky day!I've spent the whole day in (Except for when I broke my last sewing machine needle and had to make a mad dash out to get more!) My sister in law popped around, and a bottle of PINK (or two) later she's off home. Well what else are we to do on a day like this! I was once a mad cross stitcher - somehow I lost the patience... maybe it's 4 children! Loce reading your blog - it always cheers me up!
Best wishes,

Alison Gibbs said...

Sure has been a cold day.
Still raining nd blowing a gale down here on the Peninsula.
I know we need the rain BUT gee it is way to wet and cold.

Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

Oh it is soooo freezing today, will have to get all of my winter woolies out now! Hmm that stew is a great idea, yum!!

Kerryanne English said...

What a shock yesterdays weather was for us Melbournians. I can't believe the tree debris everywhere around my area this morning. Hopefully we will get some more rain today to make it all worthwhile.

Perfect weather for crafting.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Cold alright! We woke to 2 degrees...Fire is going flat out.
We only have wood heating here and was'nt fun in the rain to collect wood i must say!

It is going to be a really cold winter.
All the local farmers say the first signs of Red robins means a Cold winter...And they are hopping all over our yard!

Gail McCormack said...

Yummmo ~ loved your stew, we had homemade Pizzas tonight ~ delicious, that's the only good thing about cold weather, you want to eat comfort food, but then you have to work extra hard to get the calories off
Glad you got your game of tennis in, because down here in the afternoon it started absoletly bucketing down.

Andrea I think your Cross Stitch creations are just beautiful, I loved seeing them - what a wonderful grouping they make
Look forward to seeing the finished works in progress


vicki archer said...

Poor little poodle - I am sure he has an enormous intellect but just happens to like cute soft toys!

Enjoy the rainy day - I love that as an excuse to be lazy, xv.

yui said...

Hi! I'm behind you.
Good luck!

shabbydreaming said...

Andrea, That stew looks Yummy!!! Nothing better on a cold day than a lovley stew mash & crusty bread!! HMM am drooling just think bout it!!
Give Sooty a cuddle from me!!

Shiree said...

Hi Andrea, nice to catch up with you again, I am not a fan of the transition to winter, it is so hard getting used to the cold, and having to wrap up warm in coats n hats n scarves n gloves etc. But then a nice crisp winter sunny day is also not so bad when you get used to it. I love your Paris prints form a few blogs back, we were lucky enough to holiday there at New Years just gone by
have fun, Shiree