Sunday, April 12, 2009


Hi ladies...well I have to say it is an absolutely MAGNIFICENT day here in OLD MELBOURNE TOWN!! perfect wind..clear blue skies...PERFECTO!!

Well with all my "clan" away & or working...I am home doing MY STUFF!! (which i do enjoy).

I have quite a few things to say/talk about...soo shall do it in POINT form..per my uni days!! (MMM well that was some 30 odd years ago...)..

1...went shopping last Thursday..found these TWO lovely cushions from TARGET...match my upstairs decor 85 yo dad sits in this chair every day..reads the paper...people he knows drive past & toot him!! I sit at my EBAY table at the opposite end of the room my lap top..doing my thing!!

2...also bought this lovely shabby chic..very heavy...white scrolly gorgeous mirror from target...just had to have it to put somewhere....not sure where yet..

3...Gave SOOTY a lovely little bath today...& gave him a nice brush....BUT he does become a grumpy little you know what??? does try to bite me...but then he soon regrets his actions & licks my hands beyond belief.!!!

4...Taking ebay stuff from one end of the house to the other...I should literally BURN off heaps of I list stuff on my computer at ONE end of the house...and then have to traverse A LOT of stairs from one end to the other!

5...went to the nursery & bought soil/bark/plants etc to try to make my BBQ deck area look a little better after the horrid summer..

6...put another faux display floral goodie on the table outside our master bedroom...think it looks a little better...

7...and MANDARINS are BACK!! & they do taste YUMMY for the start of the season...I hate to say...BUT I also LUV the skin!!??? and they only get better with winter approaching...
8...MY FRENCH CHIC prints...bought from IKEA about a year ago...I have to get them I do LOVE THEM...
9...FORGOT TO MENTION...i washed my doona cover...AND I CAN NEVER get it back on to look good...I have TWO BIG creases sticking out from my actual doona...Is it just me trying to do it alone..?? or is their a secret to placing your doona cover BACK over your doona and it looking good?? HELP...

okay...that is it...probably more than enough...& if it is all out of sequence re photos/ apologies...I try...BUT it never seems to work...grrrrrrr

xx andrea



Kerryanne English said...

Andrea you have been very busy at home while the men folk are away. I bet you and Sooty are having a wonderful time with the house all to yourselves.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

I would love a day to do my own thing!
I soooo need to do more painting...House type painting.

I love that mirror!...Target?
It is lovely to think of your Dad sitting there in the sun reading quietly away:)
Do they live with you or nearby?

Today was weather perfect...I quite agree with you:)

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Oh Me again.....
Just to say...
You eat mANDeRINE Skin??????
What's with that!
My Brother eats Kiwi fruit skin...
You are an odd lot:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrea,
Wow you have been super busy!
Love the new cushions you got. I really wish our local Target would get in some better homewares...think I need a trip to the city to find things like this.
As for the doona thing, I put the doona on the floor, then lay the cover out at the top. I then grab the two top corners of the doona & shove them up into the corners of the cover & then hold each top corner making sure I have the cover & the insert & then SHAKE when most of it is inside & then just fold the two bottom corners in & button up. If I end up with creases, I put the iron on low & iron them out once on the bed.
Have a great week, catch you soon.
~S~ c\xxx

Peta said...

Hi Andrea,
That mirror is gorgeous! I haven't spotted that one at Target. Was it a good price?
Your house looks gorgeous and so tidy and uncluttered!
Oh, and I am so happy mandarins are back, yum!
Peta xx

Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

oh yes in deedy there is a secret doona trick. Turn the cover inside out. Put you hands inside the inside out doona cover and place the top two corners of the cover on the top two corners of the doona. Turn the cover back the right way out over the top of the doona. Too easy and works every time for me, plus quick and no creases!

Anonymous said...