Sunday, March 8, 2009


YES!! only been back in melbourne TWO minutes..and have done two blogs in literally two minutes!!

OKAY...I know I go overboard...BUT hey!! I am having a bit of fun (whilst hubby away...) just go for it girl!! & dont feel guilty!!
Christians girlfriend has come over for dinner I thought I would share with you what is happening...

firstly I saw her arrive...(being at my laptop in my strategic spot...KNOWS what goes on in this neighbourhood!!)...BIRDS EYE VIEW so to speak..

I thought she just looked gorgeously FRENCH CHIC !! large check..gingham cotton skirt...tied at front with a lovely bow..(which she has told me she bought for just $10.00!!)...and of course my response!! JEEZ i could sell them on EBAY for more than that!!
she had a little black ballet leotard type little top stockings...cute little black flat shoes..and a lovely white little handbag (not photographed..but this is the one Christian bought for her in Japan as a pressie)..
and a cute little white headband..

(the photos dont do this little outfit justice...BUT she just looked soooo she is very petite...)..

OKAY so she is staying for dinner..
SO have prepared a CHICKEN stir fry...(and a PACKET chocolate cake!! sorry it is packet...but is 95 % fat free!!)....I dont eat it...BUT christian does love his chocolate cake...i have it underneath a lovely little pink cover..dont look at the has run onto the board underneath..!! i scrape it all clean and put on a new plate!!)..
I like to dismantle the noodles into little bits...that avoids clumps..etc..I kind of knead them like when mixing butter into flour...(which I hate it gets all caught up in ones fingers!!)..

I always cut up the them in a stainless steel bowl...ready in order to cook according to how long they take to cook..(BOY!! this is beginning to sound like a cooking lesson!! believe ME!! I AINT NO COOK!!)...
PLUS Christian LOVES his ROTI that is also ready to go with a satay sauce..

I am lucky I have a BIGGISH kitchen....soo I can look out my window at a view whilst cooking ...OR turn my head and look at the rest of my kitchen!

PS...sooty is looking a BIT sheepish!! lying flat on the carpet..quite unusual...MMM!! what have you done sooty that I should Know about?????
have a great week everyone...

xx andrea


Kerryanne English said...

It all looks delicious Andrea as does your son's girlfriend - what a cute outfit!!
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Yum that stirfry looks quite delish.
I love big kitchens and I for the first time ever have one the size of a pantry!
It kills me.
But when renos are done it'll be bigger..Has to be.
I cannot believe you don't eat choccie cake.
Will power or what??
I'd eat the whole cake!

Shabby Raggy Roses said...

Dinner looks brilliant - so jealous, I'm not even telling what we had last night. Love that little skirt. Sooty does indeed look as if he's been up to something!
Best wishes,

lady jicky said...

I too would like to know how you do not eat that cake! LOL
I have just found your blog and if you adore perfume - as I see in the last post , have a trip over to If you love perfume like I do - its a great place to talk and learn about scent!
Give that puppy of yours a big huge for me!

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrea,
Dinner looked just delicious, & so did that chockie cake! Although I am a bit like you, don't mind baking a cake, but not really into eating them.
I love the skirt that Christian's girlfriend is wearing...hmmm $10 why can't I find bargains like that!!!
~S~ xxxx