Thursday, March 12, 2009


HELLO again all ladies...
Well this blog is about my eldest son who has just arrived back in Australia after 6 months studying law at a Japanese uni/.
regular followers of my blog will know that I visited him in Japan over Christmas/new years...and had a wonderful time..

so again this blog may seem a little self indulgent..but I keep saying to myself..dont feel guilty about writing about your family/yourself..etc as this is kind of what a blog is about??? isnt it??
(I Have run this past byron before listing it...and he is happy to have it on my site!! although I must say..he has NO idea what it is actually about or photos??
cross fingers when he reads it!!!
unlike younger son...who would be horrified)..
with this blog..I actually hope i am letting you YOUNGER mums know...(from
MY experience...what JOY ones efforts in bringing up your children...with love/affection..self confidence & guidance..that little bit of freedom (when required!!)... CAN end up with total enjoyment/pleasure with their achievements later in their life..which means LATER IN YOUR LIFE!!
(jee wiz...I am beginning to sound like some educational guru!! this is not what this is about)..maybe I should become MRS DR PHIL!!!

BUT I am JUST soo proud of my son with his results he just received back from his 6 months stint in Japan.,..,(just got them back today)..

He did 14 subjects...ALL lectured to him in japanese..
his exams were all in japanese..

he had to write all his answers in japanese..

SOO for 6 months...his uni lectures were all in japanese .. NO english...

AND he has passed them ALL.....5 with A's...4 with B's....and the rest with C's...

I just think this is a wonderful effort from a lot of these subjects involved Japanese constitutional law...taxation law...japanese criminal law...(some of these subjects he hasnt even studied in his aussie degree as yet).
and having studied Law myself some 100 years ago !!!...well some 30 odd years at least!!
at melb uni,....I can ONLY marginally begin to comprehend his achievements...I struggled to comprehend many of my law subjects..(taxation/trusts/company law) ENGLISH...let alone a foreign language!!!

SOO i know this is another BIT of a self indulgent post..

BUT he lives in another state...and reads his old mums blog...just wanted to POST a HUGE congrats to him....
He works hard...loves his study... SO WELL DONE..OLD BOY>>> !

soo to get back to the original point....ALL you YOUNGISH! mums out there...with little children....(there is light at the end of the tunnel!! just joking)...
But when they do grow up...and achieve...whatever that may whatever field they choose....
IT is a LOVELY feeling to know that you (mum & dad)...have actually ACHIEVED something worthwhile and valuable in life...bringing up a WONDERFUL CHILD..SOMEONE YOU CAN BE JUST SOO PROUD OF..& NOW ENJOY THEIR ACHIEVEMENTS....(I think i dont have much more to achieve?? MMM!! what else can I do)...?? other son is achieving just as much....(but he likes to remain a bit more incognito~~ he thinks he is a bit more TRENDY!! )....and ONLY likes to promote himself on facebook or whatever it is called!! I think he would yell at me for putting him on my blog...SHHHH!! he doesnt know about that skiiing photo..o that of his girlfriend....and I keep HUSH about all that)..
have just included a little time line of Byron's growth...thought it kind of adds to appreciate this blog...??
THEY ARE ALL OUT OF ORDER (AGAIN!!) and a tad blurry...(sorry about that)..BUT I hope you all get the drift/meaning of the photos...

have a lovely weekend everyone..

xx andrea...(ps ...had my hair done today...and very happy...but too embarrassed to add that to this blog site...I think there is only soo much one can take of ones own family/personal photos in a blog listing etc)!!


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Time flies...And our babies grow and are men in the blink of the eye.
You must be very proud.'And POST a picture soon of that new do!!!
I want to see it...I love photo overload.

Alison Gibbs said...

Great to hear how well Byron went - no wonder you are so proud.
So.... what did you do with your hair??? Long or short!!

Kerryanne English said...

You should be proud of your son Andrea. That is a huge achievement. Is he planning to work in Japan eventually?

Look foward to seeing the new hair do.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Byron on achieving such great markes! Also congratulations to you Andrea in raising 2 great sons. Your words of wisdom are great to read on days when my two girls have me just about wanting to rip my hair out!!!!! I guess you have to go through all of that to get to the great prize at the end, well adjusted pleasant kids, adults.
Now I am waiting to see your new do, I am glad that you are happy with it.
~S~ xxx

MelsRosePlace said...

Wow Andrea - he must be a very clever boy (takes after his mum no doubt!), loved all the photos, Mel xxx

vicki archer said...

Congrats to your son Andrea - what a Japanese and Law, no less. How lovely that he is home - aren't those moments just so precious as the children get older? Glad you are happy with your hair - that is the most important thing, xv.