Monday, March 16, 2009


Hi ladies...hope you all had a good/great weekend..

I actually had "a husband" home for the weekend..the first time in "YONKS" that was very nice...helped me with the mundane grocery shopping...and we got to have a coffee or TWO together!! plus a little bit of shopping..(more grocery than anything else)..

I have been busy today (after tennis)...!! cleaning the BYRON is coming HOME for a couple of weeks...and I just like to have everything nice & clean ... smelling yummy..when he gets home...AS i know the house will be a MESS in a few "hours" with the total family (so to speak..all home at once)...NOT used to a FULL HOUSE..

Anyway...I am trying to list as much stuff back on my ebay site as possible..(as I have nothing listed at the minute)..

SOO the theme at the minute is my "crafty/blogging" books...mags..

A gorgeous mag from somerset "artful blogging"...this is a wonderful mag full of interesting BLOGS from women...(so I would highly recommend subscribing to this mag).. full of lovely photos...ideas...quite inspiring..
I am just waiting for the FIRST issue of "where women create" magazine to arrive from the USA...It is a total sell out!! soo CANNOT WAIT FOR IT TO ARRIVE..

I have enjoyed the second issue...and sold a few...

AND it is the perfect adjunct to the book..."where women create"...(which i also loved)..

I love looking at how all these crafty women work/create/their workspace..

JUST wish i could Be sooo clever..
Most of you ladies...& you know who you are...ARE THAT CLEVER!!

have a lovely week...

ps...DID NOT cut my hair...still the same length..JUST added a few more RED/COPPER highlights to get me back to my kind of original hair colour!!!
and I am very happy with the result..
pps...sorry are "crappy"...upside down..duplicated..UGGGG!!!


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Lots of great looking things in those Mags.
I wish to be so crafty and actually make a buisness out of it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrea,
I am off to check out your ebay auctions.... I have been a bit of an ebay recluse of late. I usually find heaps of goodies but latley there hasn't been much that I liked the look of. You may have inspired me though....
How exciting to have everyone back at home at once, hope you take lots of pics!
~S~ xxx

Peta said...

Hi Andrea, thanks for the comment on my blog :) I got the magazines, thanks so much! And for the extra! I have been devouring them! I am going to check out your auctions now :) Peta xx

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Hey there ...
Have you gotten your Little gift in the mail yet?
Tried to email you but email not working??