Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Well I have been very slack the last month re updating my blog..so figured it is about time to get going again!!

I treated myself to a new LAPTOP computer 2 weeks ago,..MY first laptop EVER...

I usually do my ebay from a desktop in the very back room of my house...however with the weather being pretty cold in Melbourne...I thought how lovely it would be to actually be able to sit up the very FRONT of my house..at MY LITTLE "FRENCH" TABLE...looking across at my wonderful view..

BUT to be able to do this...I had to have the house re wired..the internet cable had to to from the very back to the very front....so my hubby found a "CABLE GUY"!! who was JUST FANTASTIC...it was a VERY BIG JOB..he was working all day to thread the cables through the roof....and didnt charge a fortune!!

So I am now on my laptop...enjoying the view...AND I can look through my open doorway and watch FOXTEL on my tv in the adjoining room...

It is just taking me a while to adjust to a laptop typing keyboard..my fingers keep clicking in the wrong place..BUT i am getting better...Plus I have to wear my reading glasses whilst on the smaller screen..OH WELL!!

I have had my gorgeous 21 yo son home for the past week..he is at uni interstate and is off to JAPAN for 6 months on exchange to a uni over there...soo I have been pampering him left right & centre!! he is heading back interstate today..so will MISS HIM !!!!

Looks like spring is just around the corner!! Yipee!!!


our shabby cottage said...

Hi Andrea, thank for popping by! Gosh you are going to miss your boy! I hope the girls will find nice homes to go to! The new laptop must be wonderful too.
I know what you mean about having a girl - I have two boys so I get all the girly fixes I can by sewing "stuff" for others. I love walking into my sewing room and seeing pretty pinks everywhere. I hope you are well, Kathryn.

Bek said...

Hi Andrea,
Thanks for poping by my blog. I love your dog:)

You won't know yourself with the laptop.


a bite of country cupcakes said...

Laptop...I would love one!
Thanks for stopping by my blog again...
I know exactlywhere the swans are from the picture of the tanker/ship....
I used to work nearby in stevedore street!!!!
My ex sister in law owns a cafe down your way called Accents too!
Beautiful part of the world!!
I used to talke my littlies there to feed the very enthusiastic swans!!!

Sophee-a Laroo Bijoux and Sheri too said...

Can't believe it took me this long to find your blog..got to love the poodle. I just bought that print that is on your header..yesterday:)