Friday, August 1, 2008


Well I am quite amazed that the GORGEOUS roses my hubby purchased for me for our wedding anniversary...on 20th JULY...are STILL GOING STRONG..

However I figured it was time I took them out of their vases and HUNG them up to dry I shall be able to keep them in another vase for a long time..
It has been a bit of a stressful week for me as my wonderful nearly 86yo mum had to go into hospital for an operation...the FIRST time in her life!! and of course when parents are that age...OR ANY AGE REALLY...we worry ourselves sick..
AND of course when I first saw her she was still in itensive care..and they were trying to regulate her blood it was very low...BUT she has bounced back...and is in a regular ward...and she really just wants to get home..

AND the funny thing is...the other day she asked me to bring in her mascara!!

I NOW KNOW where I get my MASCARA fetish from!! I virtually sleep in the stuff..\
I have been busy cooking EXTRA as my GORGEOUS 85 yo dad has a HEALTHY supply of food to keep him sustained...and as he swims 3kms EVERY morning...gets up at 4.00 am religiously EVERY MORNING...this wonderful MAN NEEDS LOTS OF FOOD!
BUT the BEST surprise ALL week was that staged by my 21 yo son...he is at uni in another state of australia...and I only get to see him probably 6 times a MOST...(we TALK on the phone EVERY DAY though!!)...
He rang me last night ... at about 9.00 pm to say he had sent a parcel via courier to my house...a present for my mum...and that he thought the couriers may have left it at the front door if I was not he wanted me to go and check the front porch to make sure nothing was left out in the weather etc...
SO I went the dark...opened the front doors to check for any parcels..AND OUT OF THE BLUE this BIG MALE figure approached ME...

WELL I HONESTLY nearly ended up in the same hospital as mum..with a HEART MULFUNCTION...!!
It was SUCH A SURPRISE to see him...he came to melbourne just for the one night to visit his nanny in hospital....PLUS HE BROUGHT WITH HIM 2 x FRONT SEAT tickets to one of ANDRE RIEU'S concerts in Melbourne...
MY MUM JUST ADORES ANDRE...and I think he is FANTASTIC as well...SO I shall be looking forward to this spectacular..

BUT THIS was SUCH a surprise...and my mum was also sooo surprised at his quick visit...and gifts...
SOO who says the younger generation is selfish?? I can honestly say BOTH my boys are the MOST GORGEOUSLY CONSIDERATE YOUNG MEN..and I am just soo proud to say they are MY SONS!!

sorry to ramble...a bit emotional..

The only problem is ... not expecting this homecoming..his bedroom was full of the rubbish/paints/ladders etc from when I painted my other sons room a few weeks ago...(per the photo...what a MESS)

I was a bit embarrassed by that...but he still slept in his bed..amongst the rubbish..
AND of course I just had to include my little photo of sooty in his leopard print type coat to keep him extra warm!!

take care and keep warm everyone ..


our shabby cottage said...

Oh, you must be so proud of him Andrea! What a little cutie pie to surprise his Mum like that. So glad your Mum is doing Ok now too. Wow, the concert will be amazing too. How thoughtful of him. Kathryn.
PS. did the girls arrive safely?

Anonymous said...

WOW!! What a wonderful suprise, that is so sweet!! I hope your mum is doing better she certainly is a sweet lady was a pleasure to meet her!!
P.s I LOVE LOVE your new template!! Very you I say!!

Ali said...

Oh wow hon, you have done well with your boys then. you should be proud, as they are few and far between i think. Hope your mum is bouncing back in no time. Loved reading this post. ox talk soon cutie pie. ox Ali

Debbies-English-Treasures said...


a bite of country cupcakes said...

Hi There to another Melbourne chick!
Thanks for comming by my new blog..I love comment leavers!
Sounds like we have something in common...
I never leave the house without first putting on my eyes! (mascara)

I too am new at this blogging so we are in the same boat...
Adding and tweaking or sites
Love the pink poodle header

MelsRosePlace said...

You're so lucky Andrea - firstly LOVE your view, what a pleasure to sit there and tap away! Secondly great that your mum is doing well, you will have fantastic genes and longetivty with those 2. and thirdly what a lovely surprise you got...oh and fourthly (??) love the pup in his suit! I will add you as one of my faves this week, just in the process of updating! Mel xxx