Sunday, July 20, 2008


Well my husband just came home early...with a GORGEOUS BUNCH OF 24 LONG STEMMED PINK ROSES.......

absolutely stunning....


Alice W said...

Hey Andrea, your blog is absolutely sweet
I can’t believe how young u look in that photo with Sooty!!! I totally understand why those people in Paris thought u and Byron was a couple…
It is always nice to receive followers, isn’t it? Even nicer that he remembered the important day!! Happy anniversary, hope u had a wonderful day!
PS Take some photos of the pink rose, and post them on ur blog, I am sure the colour will match.

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrea,
Love the new blog template.
Ha ha had to laugh about being up a ladder half in the bath & half out, have had simular experience with washing walls at out old house.
Congratulations on your 22nd Wedding anniversary, long stem roses, way to go!
Sarah xxx