Sunday, July 20, 2008


Well I am now totally exhausted...2 days of painting my sons bathroom..

I painted his room a couple of weeks ago...and bought him all new modern furniture...and ONCE I start....I kind of can't stop!!

So yesterday his bathroom was next on the did have a chocolate feature wall...with chocolate mats/towels etc..BUT I decided it was time for a PURE WHITE REFRESH!!

Soo painted the ceiling...and the walls..the brown wall was a bit of a pain as it needed several coats of paint to cover it..but at least it wasnt a BIG wall..

VERY difficult to reach though as it is above the I had to precariously put a rickety old wooden ladder half in the bath and half out to reach..

ANYWAY I made it!!

I threw out the old white venetian blinds and my wonderful dad (85yo)..installed the new thicker white wooden blinds..

I changed the handles on the cupboards from white to silver ones..

re sprayed my old iron train carriage holder to a matt silver (was gold)...this holds the towels..

I just have to add a couple of white vases or candle lamps or something...although my 19 yo son uses this bathroom and he is INTO MINIMALISM....

He doesnt know I have repainted/redecorated it for him...he has been away at the I hope he gets a nice surprise...

well that has been my weekend...I am now exhausted...but probably will start repainting the hallway mid week!!

and is my 22nd wedding anniversary today...I wonder if my husband has remembered?? I havent said anything..and NEITHER has he...MMMMMM!!! (he is interstate at the maybe a phone call later on??)

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