Thursday, May 3, 2012


Hi ladies...

I am kind of still busy posting on my facebook site every day~~
AND neglect this blog site~~~

BUT i have been very busy listing lots of crochet goodies on my ebay site, along with featuring some on my facebook site...

"The Vintage Hatbox"..~~

I shall just leave you with some images of what my passion is about~~and what I sell~~what I talk about...WHAT i do!!~

x andrea


Mike said...

Your a busy lady. That is for sure.

Mary Darnell @ Online Doctorate Programs said...

I love it all! I find them all pretty and darn interesting! Hope you’ll find time updating your blog site too coz your works are worth sharing and should be really proud of. Kudos to you for being an expert and talented crafter! I hope to see more of your stunning works again! See ya!

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