Monday, November 21, 2011


Hi ladies,

Well i am still busy as usual and still caring for dad re his knee (past posts)..
I think he is healing well, so we shall find out for sure when we see his surgeon early december..

In between, i am busy preparing for a "biggish" english afternoon tea party ~~

I have approx 12 guests..~
ALL shop owners here in my little part of the world..
ALL GORGEOUS I cannot wait to host them....

SOO I am preparing EARLY....

but i have LOTS of commitments in between....

SO my MOTTO is better early than late~~~

So I have been busy re arranging my kitchen today...
including lots of my own painted goodies in the bottom section of my hutch~~

My table is FULL OF STUFF~~~  where to put it??

anyway..a little peak of what i have been up to today...
(and i will be off to Japan the following Sunday for a few days to visit MR B)..

a hectic life...

but kind of interesting??

xx andrea

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Kerryanne English said...

Life sounds very busy for you Andrea. Hope you have a fantastic time in Japan with Byron.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne