Monday, July 4, 2011


Well I am very happy I have FINALLY managed to change the settings on my camera, so I think my pictures should be much clearer..??
so now onto the relevant stuff~~~~~~~~

I am using my hubby's left over white rice (he uses the absorption method to cook)...
I am too lazy for that..I just place the packet in the microwave for rice..

BUT seeing as HE had gone to SOO much trouble to cook this rice for our green chicken curry he produced on Saturday night..

I am USING the left over rice to just do a little rice dish...

I have added some brown rice for that extra fibre..(microwaved of course!!)..

So this dish is ...

left over white rice..
bit of microwaved brown rice!!!
spring onions..
sliced mushrooms..
eggs mixed through..
finished off with BEAN SHOOTS...(i leave these "as is" sprinkled on the top).
fried onion sprinkled on top of all..

TOO QUICK .... TOO EASY....& I leave the soy sauce to each to spread as desired..

so DINNER is ready...

Listed some FABULOUS BIG VINTAGE BIG PINK CROCHET SQUARES on ebay for the crafting ladies..

as well as ONE of my all time favourite books "Rediscovoured Treasures"...

AND I caught up with MISS TAMARAH (shabbyvintagejunk) blog...
setting up her STALL at the TYABB market on Saturday...

I think this will be ONE AWESOME check out her blog for updates..

xx andrea

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