Saturday, May 28, 2011


I am so glad I have finished painting/bees waxing my vintage washstand for the upcoming SHABBY VINTAGE Fair, as it was stressing me out not having it completed..

sitting behind it is the old wooden mirror I madeover a few weeks ago..
painted a french grey colour and adorned with some lovely cherub decals I just had lying around!!~~

So along with that today, I have completed the look of the wire shade shown on yesterday's post, with vintage doilies and music sheet butterflies..
Just another means of displaying some goodies..

Also finished off the cane lampshade which i repainted white..(yesterday's post)....
it is now a FOOD COVER..!!!???

well that is what I think it would be awesome AS???

I have layered it with about 4 x different vintage doilies, in differing directions, so i think it would make a great cover for your scones?? cupcakes??

Ankle is sooo much better today...MUST have been yesterday's pedicure..!!!

Oh to the kitchen with LOTS of painting yet to do..

xx andrea

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Bayside Rose said...

Andrea, do you ever stop?

Love the washstand. You have some fabulous ideas for all of your goodies.

Pam x