Saturday, April 16, 2011


Today I have finally cleaned and organised "stuff", to have some semblance of order!!

I have been busy cleaning the house from top to toe (well ALMOST)~~

Finally purchased some easter daisies!! & some tulips...

also put out some LITTLE easter eggs..(some in one of the crochet doilies i mentioned in a couple of blogs ago that i was endeavouring to stiffen....

HEY THEY STIFFENED UP A the sugary mixture is a SUCCESS...

Placed some of SOOTy's little toys on the window ledge..(not that he can see them)..!! per his blindness..but they look cute!!

Mr C is 22 yrs old on Monday so i have "retrieved" he & his older brother's "Thomas the tank engine" little walking toys they had as babies..

Bit of nostalgia..I have placed them strategically on the table tennis table so as when Mr C comes home tonight, he can have a bit of a giggle??

or positively think his mum has gone quite silly...?? (probably will think the latter)..

AND MOST important of all..
I have decided to make my laundry my crafting area leading up to the SVJ fair in early June..

I can paint my cases...decoupage my "balls"...paint pegs...make cards/dye my lace..without making a BIG mess throughout the rest of the house..

Off now to give SOOTY a nice bath...

have a great week..

xx andrea

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theoldboathouse said...

Oh those Thomas trains are so cute, my biggest boy was a huge Thomas fan too. Where did that time go?Everything looks wonderful. Love the green, very Eastery! xx Katherine