Thursday, November 18, 2010


Hi again ladies, I am sure you will be truly sick & tired of me posting every other day!! and when looking through my last few posts they all kind of started off... with "not feeling too well/lethargic" etc..

OOhh!! I am a bit embarassed by those comments starting off a blog..

Anyway today I received TWO packages of lovely goodies I had ordered from overseas last week...

1..ARTFUL BLOGGING magazine...BUT included were a gorgeous lot of vintage inspired Easter cards & lots of fab lace..

ALL from the lovely JO from goddess*of*the*last*minute EBAY store..

I had ordered the mag..BUT ALL THE extras were SUCH A Wonderful/delightful surprise...

2..My goodies I ordered from an ETSY store..FABULOUS VELVET letters...the cutest/tiniest little "numeral" stamps...(CANNOT wait to use these!!)..
they actually photo much bigger than they are...they are MINUTE!!~~

cardboard tags etc...little "hand made" stickers...& A FAB STAMP set of JAPANESE letters to send to my son who is a Japanese lingo guru!! (or sort of)..!!!!

thought they would be a lovely pressie for him re xmas to stamp stuff n that!!~~

Okay...I did go to the doctor's today as my throat has been sooo very sore & my right ear brought me to tears with the pain..

SOO I am taking THESE BIG TABLETS...(how do you swallow these..?? cut in half i guess)..
PLUS ear drops...(I think i have nearly emptied the bottle in ONE fell swoop as the ache was horrid!!)..

feeling better at the minute... (hope it lasts!!)....
gee wiz.. DRUGS kick in quickly!!~~

xx andrea


Alison Gibbs said...

Oh you poor thing Andrea.
At least now you can have a rest and sit back and flick through your new magazine. I have had mine for a little while and always enjoy reading it

Alicia ~ time worn style said...

Sorry to hear you have been unwell Andrea, get better soon hun!!
ps. chrissy decs are gorgeous!