Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Hi ladies..well i think you can tell my the colour of this font I am in a little bit of a purple mood/decor wise that is!!!

Okey dokey...!! today was a bit of a clean up day (what's new)??

But really the entrance hall was just a mess as I had only dusted AROUND bits & pieces...
SOOO TODAY was the day when i took all things off the sideboard ...dusted & maybe bought a few NEW little bits!!

My entrance hall has the very very FIRST PIECE of antique furniture my hubby & I purchased with MY superannuation payment!!!!~~ (how funny is that)..

When I left a certain profession to have my FIRST child...I had about $4500.00 in super saved...& back in the "dark ages" one was allowed to access it...!!

SO we bought this delightful chiffoneur (oohh..not sure how to spell that)..?

ANYWAY it has been part of the furniture for some 25 years...& it is in our entrance hall..

I get SICK & TIRED of the way I decorate it...as you do..??

Soo i kind of went a TAD purple...deep purple runner...some lovely faux purple/green hydrangeas..(like or hate fake flowers..I don't care really anymore)..

re jigged some of the photos....

(this is MR C's domain...you know the 2nd kid syndrome?? why has Mr B got ALL his certificates/achievements on a wall & not me??)...

OKAY Mr C...a few years ago I over compensated with the ENTRANCE HALL FULL of HIS achievements..photos...(he was/is happy) & I ain't changing it!!~~

BUT i tweaked it a bit today...

stapled some vintage fabric to a canvas...(hung that up)..changed the photos around..new purple runner..some purple candle holders...

added some 20 odd year old lovely purple & green silk cushions I have had stored away..
purchased from KAYE PYKES original store in Port MElbourne...Years & years ago....(boy how awesome was that store??)...

Changed the light globes in this FAR TOO HIGH hanging light...OOHH had to do that hanging from the edge of the stairs..
Bit scary...but all good in the end..as I didn't FALL off the stairs!!!~~

PLUS I bought my mum's present today from the wonderful gift shop here in williamstown...called....

"LOVE IT"..~~~

LOOK at the gorgeous wrapping Jill did for mums pressie...

I think these colours will now be THE THEME for mums suprise 88th birthday..

anyway...Hope I am NOT boring you all with my ... may I say..becoming a bit too regular blog listings..??

(ps...I have been a tad slack leaving messages on blogs...sorry..I read & then figure i will leave a message a bit later...hey its a FEW days later & i am still a NAUGHTY blogger leaver of NO messages!!~~)...UUGGGHHH!!~~~

xx andrea


A Treasured Past said...

Hi Andrea, your entrance hall looks lovely. I am with you, I don't mind real/faux flowers as long as they don't look too fake.
OOh, I don't change light bulbs, they make me too scared. Bye, Tamara

Tamarah said...


I hope you had some FUNKY music goin' while you were doing all that cleaning & rearanging....!!

I SO remember how you could cash your super in when you left a job....I did that OVER & OVER & OVER again....Hence the reason I have SO LITTLE today....!!

Anyways....I'm REALLY excited about catching up next week....Can't wait to taste your wee sausage rolls....!

Have a SUPER week....!

Tamarah :o)

Alicia ~ time worn style said...

ooh I am glad to hear you do that too with blog comments Andrea, I thought i was the only slacker!! Well I am really cause I havent spoken to you for a bit and have been remiss with emails ~ have been rather sad losing our little dog :0( so havent done a huge amount of blog visiting.
am really looking forward to seeing you soon up on our "hill" though. Hope the weather is nice so we can sit out on the verandah!

our shabby cottage said...

Looking great Andrea, I love seeing you (re)decorate!