Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Hello again all ladies...

Well per last post my 23 yo son is coming home for a few days as he lives in another state..
My dad actually stayed in Mr B's room whilst recovering from his new knee surgery.

But with MR B due home on Sunday I have given HIS room a BIG clean as well as buying some NEW bedlinen...

Mr B's bedroom is the first LOT of photos...including his sooo cute little photo when a 2 yr old with his cherub lips & red hair!!

I think he was a total little cutie...?? MMM!! what is he now???

A BIG CUTIE!!~~~~~~

OKAY...CANNOT clean ONE childs room without cleaning MR C's room...
MR C is the one with the BIG SKI muscles..!!~~~

MR C's bedroom is the LAST 5 x photos..~!!!

His new ski helmut & goggles sitting there..

BUT MORE importantly..I have his DEGREE framed..& sitting on his pillow case when he comes home.. (deliberately blurred for blog site)....
How wonderful!!~~~~~~ have to LOVE HAVING boys...NOW MEN..??

gives me a little LAUGH....~~~~~~~

what do you girls think??

xx andrea


Gail McCormack said...

You're a good Mummy Andrea!
~With two Handsome sons~

I actually don't miss cleaning my son's bedroom.

Glad Mr. B's coming home for a few days...I'm sure you'll Enjoy spoiling him rotten

Gail xx

baysiderose said...

You must be very proud Andrea! Be lovely to have them back even it is only for a short time. Enjoy!
Pam xx

Alison Gibbs said...

Andrea bet Mr B can't wait to get home. Sometimes I think they might miss us as much as we miss them when they are away

Tamarah said...

Yes INDEED Andrea....I agree with Gail....You're a WONDERFUL Mum with GOOD boys....You should be VERY proud....!!

Take care Lovey....!

Tamarah :o)

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Andrea,
Oh, here, here!
I love watching my two sons grow up to be handsome, strong, intelligent young men.

Hm, NO WAY, do I ever clean their rooms-I just shut the doors!
Maybe when they've shifted out I may want to clean an empty room. lol
Enjoy your time!

theoldboathouse said...

Very the name Byron...was and still is one of my favs. It is so strange how quickly they become Men. Your boys rooms are very stylish...drooling over that chest of drawers!!, cheers Katherine

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Yes, I do love having boys! I have 3 and I cannot imagine how strange it will be when they tower over me someday as grown men! I'm trying to enjoy every bit of this time while they are young, but it goes so fast!!!