Saturday, August 28, 2010


Hi ladies..

I took delivery of my LATEST instalment of the "MADE IN FRANCE" books.

this one is "BLACKWORK...50 easy projects in black & white"..

I LOVE IT...& I have ALL the OTHER books so far produced per my last photo..

linen & thread...
Made in france cross stitch & embroidery in red white & blue...

Just have to find some time to cross stitch some of these YUMMY goodies..

How good would the black/white images look framed in a black frame with a thick white border??

MMM!!!! I am gettin motivated!!~~~

xx andrea


MelsRosePlace said...

How nice are they? Lovely to get some new books - mind you I feel like I am because I just brought home 4 big boxes of them that were in storage! Ahhh book heaven. Have fun and i hope you can make some of those lovelies. Mel xxx

Alicia ~ time worn style said...

oooh this does look like a great book, love your recommendations! hey I have given you a blog award come over and grab it :0)

Alison Gibbs said...

Great books Andrea. Looks like you may be creating some pretty pieces soon

My Pink & Cream Cottage said...

What great books Andrea where on earth do you find them?????? so many goodies to make oh I would be in heaven if these were mine.

Lyn xxx

our shabby cottage said...

That collection looks wonderful Andrea! The blackwork is so stiking.

Tamarah said...

Hi Andrea....!

You KNOW I'm envious of your book collection AND your ability to constantly find new books for us to drool over....This 'Blackwork' book looks DELISH....Can't wait to flick though this one that's for sure....!!

Say hey to your Dad for me....!

Cheers from 'TPDJ',
Tamarah :o)

Gail McCormack said...

Wonderful books Andrea!
Loads of inspiration there.

Glad you liked the painting
I was planning on doing a series..of course a cute little black poodle sleeping on a favorite chair is a wonderful idea!

As for cats...hmmm, I wasn't overly fond of them until Ellie bought her little kitty home, then guess what, Ellie left home and kitty stayed with us!

Happy weekend to you
Gail xxx

Lyn said...

Hey Hun...... Thank you so much for your comment, to be honest here am feeling shattered...... this is my beloved home town... parts of which are now burning, & have learnt while talking to my Aunty they are now on high alert for another major earthquake, they have had 20 after shocks, my beautiful City in ruins, the damage on top not nearly as bad as what lays underneath .... plus the plane crash that happened this arvo, IT HAS BEEN A VERY SAD DAY FOR KIWI'S......... Have also been watching what has been happening down your way Sweet..... keeping my fingers crossed you wont be affected with the storms down your way.........
Lyn xxxx

theoldboathouse said...

Wow, they look wonderful....I love pink with black and white too perfect for my pink poodle friend, haha, cheers Katherine hope you are having a lovely weekend.